There seems to be an unwritten rule in the data storage industry. That rule is that launch events are only for unveiling shiny new bezels, leases dressed up as services, and updated user interface skins on top of 20th-century tech. 

But some rules are made to be broken. 

On September 28, we’re hosting Pure//Launch, a one-day virtual event that offers a look behind the curtain at our vision for the future and the next wave of modern storage innovations that will define it. 

Buckle up for a Glimpse into the Future

Autonomous vehicles, space travel, rapid DNA sequencing, and the countless other cool solutions that are now defining the modern world we live in, are the advancements we’re committed to supporting. We’re inspired by our customers and their ability to push boundaries and color outside the lines. They make bold moves and breakthroughs that yield impressive results.  

Simply put, our goal is to be the best partner possible for these innovators. Our priorities and product lineup are helping make these solutions possible today and in the years to come. And at Pure//Launch, you’ll get to see it all.  

Think Outside the Box: A Storage Event That’s Not about Hardware

Pure//Launch is not about what’s “inside the box.” This event thinks outside the box, in more ways than one. 

Get a glimpse of more than just products and features. We’ll be exploring the moonshots and innovations that are propelling data management lightyears ahead. Gain insights from our roadmap and the innovations bringing AIOps for the masses, along with simple scalability of software-as-a-service-based tooling.

Expect to see and hear: 

  • Pure Storage CEO, Charles Giancarlo on “The Future of Software-defined Storage.” This is our vision for a services-defined era for Pure, and what that means for you
  • How Pure is changing the way storage is valued, purchased, consumed, both today and in the future. Hear perspectives from Pure Storage and industry leaders on how modern applications and as-a-service business models are driving the next wave of customer innovation.
  • Demonstrations of the innovations that are launching us into this new era. Learn how AIOps is changing the way organizations manage and protect their data. Get demonstrations of how Pure accelerates digital transformation with AI while simplifying data management.  

The future of infrastructure is software- and service-driven, and we’re front and center for it. Buckle up—Pure//Launch promises a new point of view on the expansions and services that will define this future.  

We hope you’ll join us on September 28, 2021—register online now.