He’s not in it for the fame, the fortune, or the glory. Instead, Steve Block wakes up every day thinking about how he can make the partner experience at Pure Storage® the best it can be. He’s been focused on the channel for much of his career, and Pure is lucky he’s here as our Director of Partner Readiness and Communities. Now, CRN has revealed our secret! I’m excited to share that Steve made CRN’s 100 People You Should Know list for 2022.

He Sets the Tempo

Throughout his career in IT, Steve has developed and delivered many successful channel and partner programs. He’s been the genius behind amazing partner events and engagements at Pure Storage. Our annual Global Partner Forum is one of the best examples of how he values working with, and for, our partners. Before the annual event even ends, he’s already thinking of ways to make the next one better and more meaningful to attendees. He loves to host a great party, too, with a fantastic playlist of music to make everyone feel at home while they’re on the road. Of course, he has music in his blood. He’s been the bassist, lead vocalist, and spokesman for The RPM Band, a rock ’n’ roll cover band, for decades! At each gig, Steve’s goal is to make sure the crowd has an incredible time, just like he makes sure partners have a great experience working with Pure.

Pure Has Been Named to CRN Top 100!

Why You Should Know Steve Block

Many years ago, he read They Call Me Coach by John Wooden. Thanks to Coach Wooden’s wise words, Steve learned that, while he may not win every game, he needs to be as prepared as possible for any challenge or opportunity. This philosophy has helped shape his career in working successfully with partners around the world. He tries to anticipate concerns from partners and understand their needs to be profitable with Pure. Steve doesn’t hesitate to ask questions…and ask more questions…to make sure he understands what makes a partner tick and how they view the world.

He fully believes that things happen in life for a reason and learns from every success and failure. As a result, Steve prioritizes innovation and creativity when improving programs based on feedback from customers and partners. At the end of the day, Steve’s goal is to do what’s right for Pure and our partners, stay flexible with plans, and have fun. He’s happiest when his partners are successful. And our partners are happy working with Steve!

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In every phase of his career, Steve has asked the question, “What’s in it for our partners?” While the answers have varied, Steve constantly looks for ways to celebrate and reward loyalty, investment, and engagement with partners from all routes to market. We continue to expand our ecosystem, and our team works hard every day to make sure our partners have a great experience working with us to uncomplicate data storage forever. And we need more rock stars like Steve Block to help make that happen! Take a few minutes to learn more about the Pure Partner Program to find out what Steve, and thousands of our partners, already know about Pure. Then check out career opportunities here at Pure Storage!

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