Under other circumstances, I would have been seeing y’all ‘bout now in my town, Austin, Texas, for SAP TechEd 2020. I love showing off Austin’s charms to visitors, introducing guests to the world’s best BBQ, and taking in some Texas blues over at Antone’s, where Stevie Ray Vaughan got his start. But sadly, not this year.

Since you won’t be exploring “the Live Music Capital of the World” during breaks at this year’s virtual TechEd, what can you do instead? How about some holiday shopping? Pure Storage’s many unique innovations for SAP make the perfect gift for even the pickiest members of your team… and of course, it’s all available as a service! Bring home the joy of TechEd with Pure Storage® solutions.

The Gift of Lower SAP HANA TCO

Is your CIO, VP, or IT director concerned about costs? How about giving them the gift of lower SAP HANA total cost of ownership (TCO)? If you’re running a large HANA database and paying for in-memory usage, show your CIO how to save a significant portion of those costs overnight. How is that possible?  

Using SAP’s Native Storage Extension (NSE), you can move up to 80% of warm data to persistent memory and only pay license fees for the remainder of data in HANA. With traditional warm data management schemes that usually means introducing additional latency when you bring that data back into HANA for analytics. However, Pure has worked with SAP and Intel to use our DirectMemory™ Cache for rapid recall of warm data, delivering 90% of the performance of data in DRAM, at only about 65% of the cost of keeping everything in HANA.  

The Gift of Simplified Data Mobility in the Cloud

Is your application administrator or IT architect struggling to make SAP easier to use in a hybrid-cloud environment? How about giving them the gift of simple data mobility across your entire landscape, on-prem and in the cloud?   

SAP data migrations are a daily part of any SAP administrator’s life, and they represent some of the most meticulously planned processes your team will ever undertake. A typical migration might move some or all of the SAP applications and data to a different platform on-prem within your data center, or it might move some or all of your SAP applications and data to a private cloud. Because SAP is considered business critical, all these migrations need to happen within a specified time frame with planned contingencies for any issues.

It may sound complicated, but one of the niftiest things about Pure Storage for SAP is that you can easily run your SAP HANA and SAP apps anywhere—bare-metal on-prem and virtualized, in the cloud, or a strategic mix of the two—while ensuring your apps and data are protected everywhere… and it’s all done automatically.

The Gift of Rapid, Foolproof Deployment

While we’re at it, how about getting something nice for yourself? Are you tired of the complexities of deploying SAP HANA? If so, we’ve just released the latest, updated Cisco Validated Design (CVD) for deploying SAP on FlashStack®, our joint, pre-validated reference architecture with Cisco, specifically optimized for SAP landscapes. 

FlashStack offers an SAP administrator appliance-like simplicity for configuring and deploying SAP quickly and accurately. It’s a tightly integrated platform in which all the infrastructure can be maintained from Intersight for a single management view. Nevertheless, you can scale each of the components—compute, network, and storage—independently, on-demand, across both on-prem and cloud environments. And FlashStack customers enjoy non-disruptive upgrades,  no unplanned downtime, and the peace of mind that compels them to give Pure Storage a world-record NPS score.

If you’d prefer to work with our Pure Professional Services experts, we can automate your routine tasks and simplify integration with our Advanced Services.  

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If you’re not sure which Pure Storage for SAP solutions are right for you, we have SAP experts and Basis consultants with decades of experience ready to advise you on the best solutions to complement your SAP environment and even help reduce your TCO.  

Learn more about our SAP solutions and schedule a meeting with one of our experts on our SAP TechEd 2020 page.