Every journey begins with the first step. But what if you don’t have a clear vision of where you’re going or how to get there? And with constantly changing conditions and limited resources, you may not have time to map out a route.  When it comes to embarking on complicated IT projects, you want predictability and confidence to know you can successfully reach your destination — a blueprint for optimal deployment and operation.

And that’s why Pure is excited today to announce Pure Validated Designs (PVDs). PVDs are fully tested and engineered solutions based on common use cases, that deliver predictable and cost-efficient ways to execute your next IT and engineering projects.

Speed and simplicity matter when you’re implementing new technology. The last thing you want to think about during an implementation is whether your approach will work. By choosing a Pure Validated Design, you can decrease deployment risk and ensure the greatest return on your investment in Pure’s products and solutions. 

Why Choose a Pure Validated Design?

Pure Validated Designs include fully tested, validated configurations that have been proven to generate repeatable business outcomes. In creating the design guides, we analyzed solution use cases to ensure they have proven success before qualifying them as a Pure Validated Design. These designs provide guidance and best practices for setting up and deploying solutions on Pure Storage® architecture.

Pure Validated Designs consist of a Design Guide and a Deployment Guide. Used together, these guides create a blueprint for successful implementation. 

  • The Design Guide provides a comprehensive technical overview of the resources required for deployment, including hardware and software specifications. 
  • The Deployment Guide outlines best practices for configuring the solution on Pure Storage architecture. 

Pure Validated Designs provide predictability and cost savings. By leveraging these step-by-step designs, you can save valuable IT resources and time. The specific documentation helps eliminate the need for custom and complex configurations—ultimately resulting in faster time to value. 

Designs Available

Pure Validated Designs focus on some of our most utilized solutions. The first two are now available for FlashBlade® with Commvault and FlashBlade® with Vertica in Eon Mode. Pure will continue to expand our library of Pure Validated Designs in the coming months.

Listen to our Pure Report Podcast for more details about the program.