Many thanks to Taruna Gandhi, Janet Lafleur, Michael Leworthy, Biswajit Mishra, Ellie Ruano, and Rajiv Thakkar for their contributions to this blog. 

Pure was recently named to CRN’s 2023 Storage 100 list in the software-defined storage category. Vendors are selected by CRN editors for their perseverance in pushing the boundaries of innovation through cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships.

It’s an honor to have our solutions and partner ecosystem recognized by the industry as we continue to bring our software-defined technology to the world. Our vision for the cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure is being actualized, and Pure is driving innovation that users demand to bring the power of the cloud operating model to on-premises storage and data services.


Software-defined and Pure Designed

We deliver the power and simplicity of the cloud on-premises, hybrid on-premises and in cloud environments. Why is this critical? It means that our products are managed with the same ease, agility, and portability as the cloud environment…but with lower bandwidth costs, less latency, and more enterprise-level services from our partners to support innovation across the customer’s organization.

Pure’s differentiators include:

  • Evergreen® architecture designed to enable continuous upgrades of storage controllers and flash without any disruption
  • Evergreen subscriptions, including storage-as-a-service, offer unequaled choice and flexibility for purchase and consumption 
  • Pure Fusion delivers storage-as-code to bring the simplicity of the cloud operating model anywhere
  • Portworx® delivers a cloud-native data platform for any database or containers at production scale  

As with all of Pure’s innovations, simplicity is a core element of the architecture for our software solutions.  

Evergreen for Everyone

Years ago, Pure disrupted the upgrade model by offering our Evergreen architecture. This gives customers the ability to expand, manage, and upgrade storage infrastructure without any downtime or degradation in performance and without wasting staff time on data migrations. It gives them the ability to: 

  • Expand capacity by adding shelves
  • Mix flash options and improve density 
  • Upgrade controllers to improve performance
  • Take advantage of new features quickly
  • Add or upgrade ports to improve connectivity

Evergreen architecture is the foundation of our subscription services and a shining example of innovation that makes a partner’s life easier when taking care of customers. 

The Evergreen subscriptions offer a choice of business models. These range from storage-as-a-service with guaranteed SLAs with Evergreen//One to traditional purchases with Evergreen//Forever™— or even a combination of the two models with Evergreen//Flex™. The subscriptions are all designed to meet customers’ needs no matter where they are in adopting a cloud operating model. All Evergreen subscriptions include an AIOps-powered operational experience with Pure1®, that delivers value, simplicity, and agility for ongoing storage management and software-as-a-service delivered innovation.

Pure Fusion for Limitless Scale

Pure Fusion delivers a storage-as-code solution that is designed for limitless scale, so storage consumers can spin up resources as needed. It unifies arrays and optimizes storage pools on the fly, which means administrators get the same on-demand consumption model and backend provisioning they would get when managing a traditional cloud. Storage consumers can provision volumes and file systems rapidly, in addition to deploying data services, such as replication, without requiring manual labor on the backend. The effect is one that turns hardware into something invisible and that simply runs in the background.   

This is the very essence of seamless automation. Pure Fusion empowers companies to manage infrastructure using the same tools developers use today in the cloud environment, but with all the security, speed, and power that on premises can provide.

Portworx: #1 Kubernetes Data Platform

Portworx is the world’s most trusted and powerful Kubernetes storage platform, both on premises and in the cloud. It’s the perfect example of how Pure enables simplicity by design, at a core level, by uncomplicating data on Kubernetes. It provides comprehensive platform capabilities: containers as a service, database as a service, software as a service, disaster recovery for Kubernetes, and simplified backup for Kubernetes applications.

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Partners Deliver the Simplicity Buyers Demand

A critical element of success for customers is selecting the right partner and the right solution for their business needs. Pure’s global partner ecosystem spans all routes to market: Resellers, Managed Service Providers, Global System Integrators, Distributors, and Technology Alliances. They bring the knowledge and Pure know-how to design and implement the right solution for a cloud or hybrid cloud environment. 

These Pure Storage solutions enable our global partner ecosystem to deliver all the simplicity, agility, and portability of cloud services to customers without a dependency on a specific hybrid cloud environment. It all fits together and is uncomplicated by design. It’s built for those pushing the boundaries of cloud solutions and demanding all the simplicity and reliability of cloud without sacrificing the performance and protections of on premises. 

The industry knows that Pure’s software-defined storage offerings are what customers need and demand. Are you ready to reach for the cloud and simply get what you want?