TrustRadius, a review site for business technology, recently announced the recipients of its Tech Cares Awards, given to technology companies “that have acted selflessly and in support of their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic and throughout 2020.” I couldn’t be happier that Pure Storage® has been awarded this honor based on feedback directly from our customers.

We recognize the many challenges that 2020 has brought to our customers and our global community. While technology alone can’t solve every challenge, it does have an important role to play in creating solutions to help us keep business on track, adjust to current realities, and find innovative paths forward. We believe we’re all in this together. It has never been more important to us than now to be there for our customers in every way that we can.

Earlier this year, we put several new practices and programs in place, aimed at providing flexibility and specialized support during this challenging time. These include:

  • Flexible consumption models: We offered Evergreen//One™ free for the first three months for new customers with a 12-month contract term of 50 TiB or more, or six months free with a 24-month term. Our Evergreen//One offering is a utility billed based on consumption, which helps you manage costs over time without a long-term contract. This is particularly helpful at a time when it may be difficult to predict ongoing requirements. And, as many organizations faced restrictions on access to facilities and IT-staffing challenges, the operational benefits of subscribing to a service are significant. Evergreen//One scales up or down as usage changes, and that elasticity provides a safeguard if you’re concerned about outgrowing storage.
  • VDI innovation: For many, the sudden increase in remote employees presented challenges that included growing pains in IT infrastructure. Pure’s fast, resilient, simple-to-manage, and easily scalable all-flash platform for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Pure partnered with Cisco to offer preconfigured, scalable VDI solution bundles that start at 1,000 desktops.
  • Remote installation options: The need for reliable data services has grown exponentially as more employees require remote access to company data. Our Remote Installation Service helps you get up and running even when it’s not possible for our teams to physically work onsite in your facility. You can do the installation yourself, via videoconference with us, or have us do the install for you remotely.
  • Critical infrastructure protection: Pure proactively tagged all customers and systems providing essential and critical infrastructure services in response to the pandemic, including healthcare providers, federal/state/local governments, first responders, food suppliers, utility companies, and organizations researching vaccines or cures for the virus. We immediately put these systems on priority support and reactivated any expired subscriptions.
  • Forward stocking: In preparation for flight delays or border-crossing issues, Pure proactively moved more spare parts to its forward-stocking locations to prevent service disruptions. All field-service providers and repair vendors received letters designating them as a critical supplier to Pure that in turn was supporting critical infrastructure and essential services. As a result, none of our customers experienced any delays in service.
  • Mobile-system management and assistance: You need instant access to information about your storage inventory, capacity consumption, and performance no matter where you are. Our Pure1® app provides a full view of critical system information at your fingertips and allows you to enable Remote Assist from virtually anywhere so Pure Technical Services can remotely provide diagnostic information or perform system upgrades.
  • Self-service product test drives: With self-service, on-demand instances of Pure Test Drive and proof-of-concept labs, you can quickly and easily experience and evaluate Pure products and solutions. Pure1 Workload Planner enables you to simulate load and capacity requirements, reducing guesswork and helping you to avoid costly infrastructure mistakes.
  • Contributions to collective-research efforts around the world: Close to home and in the broader global community, Pure has donated products to companies involved in the fight against COVID-19. For example, we provided FlashBlade® technology at no charge to Folding@Home, a distributed-computing project focused on helping scientists develop new therapeutics for a variety of diseases, including COVID-19.

Receiving the TrustRadius 2020 Tech Cares award is so meaningful to us because it shows that these efforts and new solutions we’ve developed have helped us make an impact for you. I want to thank our customers and everyone at Pure who helped us achieve this recognition.

As we all continue to find new ways to innovate in today’s environment, we’re as committed as ever to your success. And we look forward to building on this success together.