A fact of IT department life is that the concerns of CIOs and IT executives are not always the same as those of the staff. Executives tend to look at higher-level business challenges, concerning themselves with strategy more than tactics and daily operations. They also need to keep an eye on the road ahead. 

Because of this, Gartner has a specific event targeted to C-level and IT executives, Gartner IT Symposium. This year’s event is October 16-19 in Orlando, FL, and Pure will be there! The theme of the Symposium this year is “unleash possibility”—something Pure has been helping organizations do for over 10 years by delivering the easiest-to-use, most power-efficient, and reliable data storage platform.

We’ll have folks on hand to discuss all our products and use cases, and you can register to meet with us. Some of our key focus areas are the same C-level concerns we’re discussing with our customers: 

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI) exploded into public awareness this year thanks to ChatGPT, a fun and useful tool that took AI out of the data center and into the boardroom. But while ChatGPT may not be mission critical for most large enterprises, large language models (LLMs) and other AI use cases are mission critical. While use cases vary, there’s enormous potential in customer service, predictive analytics, demand forecasting, threat analysis, and manufacturing quality control.      

You can be sure that at most larger organizations, the CEO called in the CIO and asked, “What are we doing about this AI I’m hearing about?” But the real question that should be asked is: “Is our infrastructure ready?” Infrastructure for AI will need ultra-fast storage for active data as well as capacity-optimized storage for less-accessed information (the “cold tier”) that is still required for the best results. 

Pure Storage delivers on all fronts with our FlashBlade® family for file- and object-based workloads, and our FlashArray™ family for file and block. Both product lines offer a range of performance and capacity options, and both share the same storage operating system to make automation easier.  


Even while enterprises turn to AI and the power-hungry GPUs needed for data processing, CIOs are being tasked with reducing power consumption and the associated emissions. In addition, AI generates enormous data growth via sensor data, IoT, customer interactions, etc. How do you grow your storage footprint while also reducing power? 

One thing is certain: You can’t reduce power consumption by buying more of the same legacy storage. The solution is switching to Pure Storage, which uses up to 85% less power than comparable all-flash arrays. And if you’re moving off disk storage, the savings are even greater.  

The All-flash Data Center 

And speaking of disk storage, you probably have a lot of it. Disk has historically had one major advantage: It was cheaper than all-flash. Otherwise, it’s a headache. Spinning disk is unreliable, uses a lot of power, generates enormous heat which requires even more power to cool, and it takes up huge amounts of data center rack space. 

An all-flash data center sounds great, but is it really a reality given current budgets? It is now. The Pure//E™ Family of storage has crossed the cost line making all-flash as cost-effective to purchase as disk and far cheaper to own and operate. Quite simply, it changes everything. 

Set Up a Meeting, Help the Planet 

We’ll be talking about all of the above and more at Gartner Symposium. And if you set up a meeting with us, as a thank-you, we’ll plant 50 trees on your behalf through our partnership with One Tree Planted. You’ll get expert advice and trees will get planted. It’s a win-win. 

Join Our “Data-driven Healthcare” Session 

Pure is sponsoring a session on “The Infrastructure Prescription: Advancing the Future of Data-driven Healthcare.” We’ll be joined by Pure Storage customer HealthEdge as they unpack the challenges of managing anonymized data from disparate networks and share how they’re deploying future-proof infrastructure investments that enable scalability, innovation, resource optimization, and ultimately, enhanced patient outcomes for next-gen care. Join us at the Gartner IT Symposium on October 19 at 10:00 am at the Future Focused stage.