In July, Vertica hosted its annual conference, Unify 2021. The conference brought together data scientists, business analysts, data-driven business leaders, engineers, and architects who explored the new possibilities opened up by Vertica’s unified analytics warehouse.

The Pure Storage® team was proud to participate this year as a Platinum sponsor, partnering with Vertica to jointly enable our customers to gain faster time to insight while bringing massive amounts of unstructured data into analytics. Together, we’re making new customer experiences and insights possible.

If you missed us at Vertica Unify this year, here are some highlights from our sessions, as well as demos of our joint solutions.

Dedication to Innovating with Data

Pure Storage VP of Strategy & Solutions Amy Fowler spoke at both the opening keynote and Vertica DataGals panel. During her keynote, Fowler shared how a Modern Data Experience™ built on a unified fast file and object storage (UFFO) platform enables businesses to embrace the opportunities presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What were once the technologies of tomorrow are now “must-haves” for businesses to maximize the value of their data. Data storage from Pure enables businesses to maximize performance for their modern, unstructured data, helping them gain critical insights necessary to shape new products, customer experiences, and more.

Fowler also spoke at the Vertica DataGals Panel, hosted by Vertica’s VP of Product & Go to Market Strategy, Joy King. The panelists shared their experiences and career journeys as leaders in data innovation and answered live questions from attendees.

How a Telecom Manages Petabytes of Data

Natsoft’s Ramachandran Somasundaram spoke at the breakout session, “Telecom Use Case: Petabyte-scale Implementation powered by Vertica in Eon Mode for Pure Storage.” During the session, he discussed the challenges Natsoft faces managing petabyte-scale data and how they achieved better outcomes for their most demanding workloads with Vertica in Eon Mode on Pure Storage® FlashBlade®.

You can watch these sessions on demand on Vertica’s site (registration required).

Getting More from Your Deployments

Make more possible with your Vertica deployments by using built-in cloning and data protection capabilities. In three demos, Pure Principal Data Architect Miroslav Klivansky shows how to make it easy to deploy new Vertica solutions and capabilities. The demos include:

FlashBlade Cloning for Test and DR Validation: FlashBlade enables rapid cloning of very large Vertica databases, which helps with testing and validating DR copies. Learn more about the solution and automation with Ansible during this demo.

Vertica Eon mode on AWS Outposts with FlashBlade: Vertica Eon mode runs smoothly on AWS Outposts and FlashBlade, enabling data to remain on-prem while providing an experience nearly identical to running in the cloud.

Vertica External Tables on FlashBlade: FlashBlade provides a deep well of performance for all aspects of Vertica Eon mode workflows. See how simple and fast it is to work with external tables on FlashBlade.

Keeping Performant Storage Simple

Pure brings a Modern Data Experience to data analytics. All-flash performance and high throughput accelerate time to insight and help deliver more real-time data to analytics applications. Deploying our solutions increases agility and reduces risk for cloud deployments with native fast object storage.

As well, IT admins can focus on adding value to the business instead of keeping the lights on. Our easy-to-operate, easy-to-update systems provide a scalable platform that consolidates silos and helps you adapt to diverse data profiles.

FlashBlade offers disaggregated storage resources for simplified, scalable, high-performance infrastructure deployments. The integration between Vertica and Pure brings together the efficient disaggregated architecture of FlashBlade with Vertica in Eon Mode for a scalable, efficient, performant analytical database solution that brings cloud-like benefits on-premises. We work closely with the Vertica team to identify best practices for the deployment of our joint solutions. Download our Technical White Paper and Pure Validated Design to learn more.