Data storage is as much about security as anything else. That’s why, in addition to our own cutting-edge, built-in data security features, we partner with the world’s leading security specialists—Cohesity, Commvault, Veritas, Rubrik, and Veeamto help you keep your data safe. Together, we’re helping to cover every angle of your data security strategy.

Here’s a quick overview of each of our security Technology Alliance Partners.

Snapshots, Backup, and Recovery: A New Era

The rapidly growing volume, velocity, and variety of data has coincided with the quick global adoption of all-flash data storage. Having a powerful and reliable data backup and recovery solution in place is critical for ensuring business continuity and data reusability for things like DevOps and analytics. 

There’s also been a huge rise in cybercrime, including ransomware attacks. If your enterprise can’t recover quickly, it’s risking millions in lost revenue and potential liabilities, not to mention existential threats to brand reputation. 

To address these challenges, Pure Storage® provides an all-flash backup solution for quick, easy, and reliable backup and recovery of enterprise data at scale. And we’re able to  do this with the help of our innovative backup and recovery security partners. 

Cohesity: Never Miss an Opportunity to Protect Your Data

Pure FlashRecover, powered by Cohesity®, is the industry’s first jointly offered all-flash modern backup and recovery solution for quick recovery, ransomware protection, and data reuse. 

Pure handles the storage and Cohesity provides the modern backup and recovery, together delivering rapid recovery on a petabyte scale. Cohesity and Pure provide single-point purchasing, deployment, and support, eliminating the need for you to go through two vendors. 

Specifically, Pure FlashRecover, powered by Cohesity, offers:

  • Robust business continuity: Provides massive throughput and lower latency with flash-optimized backup to meet the most demanding recovery service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • Data agility: Delivers efficient backup and recovery with seamless flash-to-flash-to-cloud data mobility.
  • Flexible consumption model: Enables independent scaling and efficient use of compute and storage, allowing you to buy what you need when you need it.
  • Enablement of new opportunities: Future-proofs your data center investments with FlashBlade® to speed  backups and recoveries and consolidate workloads for competitive advantage.

Offering exceptional all-flash capabilities, plus cutting-edge data security,  FlashRecover, powered by Cohesity, unlocks new opportunities for data-driven organizations.

Commvault: Make Data Protection Easy 

Via its IntelliSnap technology, Commvault layers orchestration and data management on top of Pure’s unified fast file and object storage (UFFO) to streamline and simplify snapshot management. 

The solution offers high throughput, low latency, and built-in, always-on deduplication and compression for the high performance and simplicity that enterprise backup and restore operations need.

Together, Commvault and Pure Storage joint solutions provide the data security and recovery performance enterprises require to keep their applications running and their customers happy. 

Veritas: Scale Faster, Protect Better

Veritas is a data protection leader for the world’s most important enterprises. Through our partnership, we’re helping multicloud enterprises attain integrated snapshot-based protection for scale-out data in FlashArray™ solutions. 

Using Veritas NetBackup and CloudPoint, customers can achieve high-performance data security for their data in FlashArray storage arrays and lower their recovery time objectives (RTOs). 

Rubrik: Optimize the Bottom Line 

Pure and Rubrik join forces to deliver modern data security with efficient, highly performant all-flash storage that is easy to deploy and simple to manage. Pure integrates with Rubrik at the front end via a FlashArray API that provides snapshot integration with Rubrik Briks. With Pure FlashArray SafeMode™ snapshots, you can ensure Rubrik data is secure and protected across multiple locations. 

Combining Pure and Rubrik allows you to focus on improving your business processes instead of always struggling to keep proprietary data available and easily recoverable in the case of disasters or ransomware attacks. Pure and Rubrik give you just what you need: deep security, easy management, and powerful analytics for massive data sets. 

Veeam: Get Easy Snapshot Management

Veeam and Pure partner to drive application availability and application performance. FlashArray integrates with Veeam’s Universal Storage API to provide seamless snapshot management. Also, Veeam has validated both FlashBlade and FlashArray//C as storage targets to enable fast and rapid restore and ransomware mitigation.

Pure is also an Elite Partner in Veeam’s Technology Alliance Program, allowing Veeam and Pure to work bi-directionally across engineering, sales, and marketing. In addition, Pure shares many channel partners with Veeam, giving customers the flexibility to work with the reseller of their choice. 

Splunk: Supercharge Your Data Protection

A market leader in machine data analysis, Splunk delivers operational intelligence for security and IT. Using Splunk on FlashBlade or FlashArray means faster processing and analysis for ransomware security

Splunk Enterprise can be used with both Pure FlashArray and FlashBlade. Use FlashArray as consolidated block storage for the Splunk hot/warm tier and FlashBlade for the Splunk cold tier.

Combined, Pure Storage and Splunk provide:

  • Faster time to insights
  • Consolidated infrastructure and efficient scaling
  • Redacted overhead for Splunk administrators

Elastic: Make Analytics Quick and Easy

Elastic helps companies store, search, and analyze data with ease and at scale. When disaster strikes, customers using Elastic can process log analytics quickly and efficiently with FlashBlade, allowing you to focus on business outcomes while enjoying cloud-like agility and all-flash performance.

The FlashBlade-powered Elastic Stack solution captures the best of Elasticsearch while addressing the limitations of traditional distributed DAS models. FlashBlade disaggregates compute from storage and provides the same performance for hot and cold tiers.

Better Together: The Power (and Protection) of Security Alliance Partnerships

In the end, the best solutions are customer-driven in that they address a very clear and present danger and protect your most valuable asset—your data—with a scalable, adaptable, future-proof foundation. 

That’s why we invented SafeMode snapshots for ransomware mitigation. 

Learn more about SafeMode snapshots and start having conversations with your security team today to ensure you’ve got the best recovery environment and strategy possible. 

Also, check out our ransomware series to learn how Pure can help you be ready to recover fast: 

Make sure you’re ready for all three of these stages with the most powerful and appropriate solution for your organization.