Take a Walk on the AI Side

Artificial intelligence (AI) is very much in the IT zeitgeist, promising new ways to serve customers and drive business. It’s in the news, movies, and advertising, but what does it really mean to your business? And how do you implement and manage AI infrastructure projects?

When it comes down to it, most IT professionals don’t have much exposure to AI outside of select industries and use cases. AI is more than hype: it’s powering everything from facial recognition to digital assistants and self-driving cars today.

Enterprise demand for proven AI outcomes is growing. Companies are beginning to use the incredible computing capacity of their data centers to build powerful AI models. And organizations can use the massive amounts of data they’ve collected to train AI models to mine for insights. They are starting to predict customer churn, optimize supply chains, detect cancer in radiology images, and myriad other examples.

We launched the AIRI™ joint AI infrastructure solution with NVIDIA last year. Since then we’ve had many conversations with data center leaders and IT practitioners who are focusing on infrastructure strategies for the AI enterprise. A frequent topic is how AI initiatives will consume data center resources and how to support the new data-science workloads.

To help IT specialists be more successful in operationalizing and managing AI initiatives, we are launching a “Hot Topics in AI Infrastructure” video series.

Join NVIDIA’s Tony Paikeday and me in a series of conversations on how you can get a jump-start on your AI journey. We’ll address the best way to get started with AI initiatives, talk about what skills you need (and the ones you already have), and cover common AI myths and misperceptions.

Each 2-minute episode addresses a single topic as we walk around NVIDIA’s Silicon Valley HQ.

Our first episode focuses on how to get started on your AI journey—why you shouldn’t fear AI infrastructure projects and how to get involved in them.

Check back every two weeks for a new episode. And, if you want to go just a little deeper, check out how the FlashStack™ for AI offering can help you easily adopt artificial intelligence/machine learning technologies  for your business without re-architecting the data center.

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