At Pure Storage, innovation and disruption is part of our DNA. It’s quite literally built into our suite of all-flash products. It’s why we’ve been named a Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Leader for 10 straight years. It’s also why we created the revolutionary Evergreen® architecture  and subscriptions built on the idea that storage should be modular and customers should be able to stay on the cutting edge, virtually forever. 

And we think the time has come to make it even better. Why? Because our customers are worth it.

Better Data Storage, Guaranteed

What does it mean to guarantee something? We think the answer is simple: It means if our products don’t do what we say they will, we’ll do what it takes to make it right. 

But for our customers, it means something more. It’s a hedge against skyrocketing data center operational costs. It’s gaining peace of mind in uncertain and turbulent times. It’s the feeling of safety that comes from knowing someone is looking out for you.

That’s why we’re excited to announce brand-new guarantees for both Evergreen//Forever™ and Evergreen//Flex™ customers aimed at keeping data durable, data centers sustainable, and rack space optimized. 

Here are the new guarantees we’re announcing:

  • Zero Data Loss Guarantee: Your data is just that: yours. In the rare event where data is lost and Pure Storage is determined to be at fault, our world-class support team will do whatever it takes to get it back.
  • No Data Migration Guarantee: Unlike competitors, Pure Storage delivers all upgrades non-disruptively without data migration or performance impacts. We guarantee absolutely zero data migration for all applicable upgrades while on Pure Storage hardware. 
  • Power and Space Efficiency Guarantee: We make it easy to be green. Pure Storage is the only vendor that will issue both a maximum watts/TiB and TiBs/rack unit (RU) ratio based on purchased hardware. If either number is exceeded, we’ll remediate it or give you a subscription credit. This guarantee is only applicable for Evergreen//Forever customers.

We’re so confident in what we can deliver to you that we will issue service credits and perform remediation services if we’re unable to meet any one of our guarantees.

In addition to the guarantees above, Pure Storage is proud to introduce the Paid Power and Rack Space Commitment, exclusive to Evergreen//Flex and Evergreen//One™  customers. This commitment means that Pure Storage will pay the power and rack costs our hardware will consume. Qualifying customers can choose between an upfront payment or a one-time subscription credit. 

Protect Your Investments

Making sure our customers get the most for their money has been a goal of ours since day one. Through our Evergreen technology, we give customers non-disruptive upgrades and expansions so they can worry about running their business and not about their storage infrastructure. It’s why 97% of our arrays are still in use today, because they look and run like new arrays.

To keep our customers’ storage modern and efficient, we’re introducing the following changes to our Ever Agile and Capacity Consolidation programs exclusively for Evergreen//Forever customers:

  • Ever Agile is our on-demand modernization program that lets Evergreen//Forever and Evergreen//Flex customers upgrade to higher-model and latest-generation controllers or blades at any time—and as many times as they like—during their contract term. Evergreen//Forever customers who make a qualifying capacity expansion can trade in old controllers and blades for new ones, now with a 20% discount. 
  • Capacity Consolidation helps Evergreen//Forever and Evergreen//Flex customers keep up with advances in flash technology without rebuying capacity. As customers grow, they can move from older flash to newer, denser media (non-disruptively, of course) at any time they choose. For Evergreen//Forever customers, we’re now doubling the trade-in credits that they can use toward new media to up to 50%.

Our other programs, like Ever Modern, which delivers free blades or controllers every three or six years, Love Your Storage 30-day money-back guarantee, and the Right Size Guarantee covering the effective capacity you need, remain unchanged.

Keeping You Prepared for the Future

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s to never underestimate the power of being prepared. With Pure Storage guarantees for Evergreen//Forever and Evergreen//Flex customers, you’ll know that your data is secure, efficient, and densely configured to save you on power, space, and cooling costs. And, as your needs grow and evolve, you’ll be able to leverage the updated Ever Agile and Capacity Consolidation programs to make upgrading easy and technical debt a thing of the past.

Innovation isn’t represented by a single point in time. It’s a journey. To take that first step, contact us today.

Join us on November 8, 2023, to learn more about future-ready data storage. Register now.