If you are responsible (even partly) for the performance of applications across your virtual environment, it is critical that you have a fast and effective means to monitor and manage that environment, end to end. Whether on-premises or in a hybrid cloud, when performance issues arise, you need to find and remove the bottleneck as quickly as possible.

Many in IT have to spend a lot of time searching through all the infrastructure layers between the app and the storage to identify performance bottlenecks. It can feel like searching for a needle in the haystack! Traditional monitoring and troubleshooting tools tend to be siloed and expensive, disrupting collaboration between VM and storage administrators and leading to blind spots and frustration.

We can help you see bottlenecks at a glance and get to resolution faster with Pure1® and VM Analytics, which provides complete visibility from storage through to VMs via a single pane of glass.

Navis Gets Greater Developer Productivity with Pure1®

With the power of Pure1 and VM Analytics, Navis is transforming the transportation and shipping industry.

Pure1 VM Analytics - Visibility from Storage through VMs

Navis was struggling with the growing challenge of managing and maintaining expensive, legacy storage infrastructure to keep up as its business scales. Their lean data center infrastructure team wanted to optimize its management resources and reduce the rack unit footprint with its data centers. Navis didn’t hesitate to switch to Pure Storage from Dell EMC when faced with a large forklift upgrade across storage and VMs. As critical factors for choosing Pure to meet its global demands, Navis cited the ease of management, high reliability, performance, and extraordinary support. Today Navis has reduced the time to market for its innovation, increased developer productivity, and optimized its data center investments.

Using Pure Storage and Pure1 VM Analytics provides benefits including:

  • Navis’s developers can run twice as many jobs at the same time.
  • High data-reduction rates result in smaller storage footprint and lower data-center costs.
  • Advanced, proactive Pure1 tools minimize the demands of storage management.

“Pure1 VM Analytics tool allows me to look at a VM and see the storage path and know exactly what’s happening,” says Steve Culy, a senior systems engineer on the infrastructure team. “It tells you what the host is doing, what the VM is doing, and what the storage is doing. We had a host that wasn’t performing well and I didn’t know why. With Pure1 VM Analytics, I was able to see in an instant that we had too many VMs going onto one data store and we were overloading the host. The problem was so easy to see with the analytics tool. So, I built a few more data stores to spread out the load, and the problem was solved.”

Pure1® and VM Analytics at a Glance

Pure1® is a cloud data-management platform, powered by artificial intelligence (AI)  and machine learning (ML), that helps you automate your storage and IT operations and future-proof your infrastructure. With Pure1 you can stay ahead of storage issues and avoid downtime, through our predictive analytics; capacity and performance forecasting; seamless upgrades; and proactive support. Learn more about Pure’s Unified Cloud Data Management Platform.

If you are looking for relief from the stress and frustration of tracking down infrastructure performance issues, then sign up for a trial of VM Analytics and find out how you can use Pure1. No FlashArray required!