Every time you open your feed, another groundbreaking innovation has changed the game. But complexity and challenges are never far behind. With every new tech that dazzles us, there’s a team squeezing every last drop out of their infrastructures to make it happen. 

If you talk to them—and we have—you’ll hear that one thing tends to slow them down: data storage. It’s the elephant in the data center, the necessary evil, the cost center, the dinosaur. 

At Pure Storage, we disagree. We don’t see storage as boring commodity hardware—we see it as high technology that you don’t even have to think about once it’s up and running. You just innovate, and it just works. We just needed to fix what’s wrong with legacy storage… So, we did.

Legacy Storage Isn’t Just Complex—It’s a Threat

You could say that, despite being a hardware company, Pure has always put people over products. We’ve engineered technology that’s a pleasure to use because we’ve seen what happens when it’s not. 

We heard the litany of problems with traditional storage, including:

  • It’s complex. Leading to more maintenance, person-hours, and resource management.
  • It’s rigid. At odds with your ability to add new capabilities and innovate faster. 
  • It’s risky. Legacy backup and recovery can’t provide resilience in the face of modern threats.
  • It’s uninspiring. How can data be fuel for innovation when you’re too busy fighting fires with its infrastructure?

This isn’t just problematic in the here and now—it has no place in the data center of the future.

Storage That’s Simple Is Anything but Basic

The answer seems obvious, but the solution hasn’t always been. We think it’s because there’s an easy way to do things, and a right way to do things, and they’re not always one and the same.

To be fuel for innovators and disruptors, data storage needed to transform into something it hasn’t always been: simple. It’s incredibly hard to engineer out complexity once it’s already there, so Pure designs our systems to be simple from the beginning.

In fact, we built a system so robust, and yet so simple, that the entire deployment instructions could fit on a single business card.

radically simple data storage

“Pure’s usability, interface, and support are such a breath of fresh air from our complex legacy infrastructure. It truly empowers us to monitor, upgrade, and manage our environment in the effortless way we wanted.” – Adam Biggs, Head of IT Services, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service

The Science of Simple Data Storage

Making the complicated that uncomplicated is no small feat. Other enterprise storage vendors leverage flash media using solid-state drives (SSDs). These contain complex logic and components whose sole purpose is to mask those complexities. Our DirectFlash® approach does not. It speaks to flash storage natively, radically simplifying our DirectFlash Modules (DFMs) versus a commodity SSD. 

Then, there’s the unbelievable simplicity of Purity, the software-defined heart of Pure’s all-flash arrays. Purity streamlines operations and truly unifies storage—something legacy can’t do. And simplicity is inherent in Pure’s Evergreen architecture, with powerful feature sets and efficiency SLAs built in.

Evergreen is:

  • Simple to use. Unparalleled ease of use and power for every workload.
  • Simple to consume. From a traditional purchase to fully as-a-service, the choice is yours.
  • Simple to upgrade. It gets better over time, automatically, without downtime or disruption. No product reaches end of life.
  • Simple to manage. From single workloads to your entire data estate, manage it easily, through a single pane of glass.

The all-flash data center isn’t just a vision—it’s a reality, and we’re leading the charge. Do great things with data when you uncomplicate your data storage forever with Pure Storage. Get inspired. Push transformation further. Embrace simplicity with Pure.