What Makes An Award-Winning Partner Program?

The Pure Partner Program has received a 5-star rating in the 2023 CRN Partner Program Guide.


This blog was co-authored by Wendy Stusrud and Megan Minkiewicz

What’s a great way to know your partner program is competitive and robust? When CRN awards it a 5-star rating!

In an intensely competitive market where partners have their choice of vendor relationships, here’s a look at why Pure’s Partner Program wins, day after day and year after year.

How We’ve Expanded the Pure Partner Model

From the very beginning, we’ve been a 100% partner model.

When Pure’s first FlashArray™ product was launched in 2011, we worked exclusively with Resellers to support customer needs for storage.

In 2012, the Pure Partner Program was launched and has been engaging a vast and hearty network of Resellers around the world ever since. Today, we’ve evolved our network to include multiple routes to market, allowing Pure to satisfy all of our customers’ storage and data management objectives.

Now, we’re expanding our visions of what a partner model should be. Customers buy from all types of partners, including Managed Service Providers, Distributors, and Global System Integrators. As our ecosystem grows, we continue to enhance and improve our partner program:

  • We work with partners in all routes to market.
  • We offer innovative rewards and incentives to support the investment these partners make in our services and solutions designed for customers who demand the best storage and data management available in the market.
  • We have a dedicated go-to-market team that focuses on managing our program to ensure it’s a valuable benefit to partners.
  • We increase our investment in our partners’ achievements with every program enhancement.

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From Sales Motion to Business Model

What started as a sales motion is now a business model to help partners achieve their own goals.

A key factor in the success of the Pure Partner Program is the support and encouragement we offer to partners as they grow their service business for our products.

The Pure Partner Program has many aspects that enable partners to deepen their knowledge and fine-tune their technical skills:

  • Training certifications
  • Accreditation for sales staff
  • Sales volume goals
  • Subscription services training with our Evergreen® portfolio, allowing customers unequaled choice and flexibility in the way they consume and purchase storage. 

More Training Opportunities to Win More Deals

The expansion of our Partner Program mirrors that of our product portfolio, enabling partners to level up along with us.

For example, with the introduction of FlashBlade//E™, we included new training opportunities that partners can leverage to help customers embrace sustainable, affordable flash storage in their journey to move on from disk. 

Thanks to strong collaboration with our partner network, the changes we make to the program each year reflect the needs and demands of customers around the world. We added environmental, social, and governance (ESG) training opportunities to the updates for this fiscal year to help address power and cost issues companies need to manage each day. The program helps partners win more deals and grow their business.

And, we encourage and reward partners who offer their own branded services for several products that Pure brings to market. It’s a win for customers and our partners. 

Picture Yourself in Orange

CRN’s 5-star rating of Pure’s Partner Program is great validation of what our partners, and customers, already know. We provide an innovative program that encourages partners to invest in their own success when they work with us. It continues to evolve to remain competitive in the storage and data management industry and ensures we work with the best of the best across all routes to market. Can you envision yourself working with us?

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