In our Innovation Done Right series, we’ve looked at game-changing approaches to storage as a service, storage management, and unified file and object storage. In this post, we explore how Pure Storage® disrupted the industry with FlashArray™ and how we continue to develop bold new approaches today.

From the very beginning at Pure Storage, we set out to overhaul the sleepy storage industry. We wanted to challenge the status quo with innovative technology, a new business model, and a laser focus on customer success. This approach drove the launch of FlashArray. And it still drives us today.

  • Speed to market is data-bound and requires the fastest and most reliable storage to support it.
  • FlashArray makes everything faster: databases, virtualised and containerised environments, test/dev initiatives, and web-scale applications.
  • FlashArray delivers enterprise-grade performance and durability without compromising cost economics.

For decades, servers and networks have become exponentially faster and cheaper following Moore’s Law. Yet, the storage industry failed to keep pace due to the physical constraints of mechanical disk. It’s not possible to achieve the cost economics of flash technology with mechanical disks. Nonetheless, many storage vendors continue to sell it.

We created the first all-flash storage array to meet enterprise-level availability, reliability, and scale requirements. We reduced flash storage to a price point that makes it cost-effective for widespread deployment. With the cost economics, superior performance, and reliability of flash memory, why would anyone ever buy hard-disk drives again?

We believe in choice not compromise when it comes to how you store, access, and analyse your data. FlashArray provides highly available storage on a single platform, without doubling your storage footprint. You can have a single subscription that spans on-premises and cloud. Plus, you can flex any existing on-premises commitment to the cloud and vice versa.

To meet today’s challenges, you need solutions that empower you to focus on innovation and operational excellence to drive efficiency. That frees up resources to invest in a landscape with new demands. With Pure Storage FlashArray, you can develop anywhere and deploy anywhere without compromise.

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