While you’re traveling, taking a walk, or doing your laundry, you probably aren’t watching live television. But, you might be listening to a podcast. 

Today is International Podcast Day, and here at Pure, we’re big fans of the medium. From dissecting the modern crypto market to discovering tech trends to riveting true crime stories, there’s a podcast for everything. We even have our own podcast

Not so long ago, we were glued to our televisions. But today, more people are listening to podcasts—so, what’s changed? :

What’s Behind the Rise in Podcast Popularity? 

During the pandemic, millions turned to streaming services to binge series and films. As time in lockdown wore on, television’s audience became a little less captive. Perhaps it was screen fatigue or the couch lost its luster, but a recent survey conducted by Spotify and Magna reveals podcast consumption increased about 20%. Participants said they prefered it to television because it’s easier to multitask while consuming podcast content—they can cook, clean, or walk the dog while learning something new.

Interestingly, participants also were more receptive to ads on podcasts than ads on TV—even being more likely to interact with an ad. It’s a notable benefit for advertisers and small businesses, evidenced by another survey that revealed nearly 40% purchased products discovered via a podcast. 

Podcast devotees of Gen Z are the fastest growing audience for the medium—could it be from the sense of community that many podcast fans find? Whatever the reason, they’re driving peer recommendations, crowd-sourced subject matter, and even attendance at live events.

What Are We Listening to—and Learning?

So, what podcasts and types of podcasts are people listening to?

The most popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, has nearly 13 million subscribers. In general, talk shows are one of the most common podcast categories. But entertainment aside, many people are listening to podcasts to learn. 

Stuff You Should Know” tackles subject matter that everyone loves, sometimes including random bits like the history of fortune cookies and the history of traffic signals. “Teach Me How To Adult dives into adult responsibilities—practical things like saving money and starting a new business venture, or more obscure but helpful things like dealing with breakups and anxiety. 

What about the why? Many are totally free. Plus, you’re getting direct access to expert knowledge and insights from hosts who are leaders in their field. Want to learn the basics of being a pilot? There’s a podcast for that. Want to train your dog, but don’t have time to attend classes? Listen to trainers on a podcast. Studying to pass the bar exam? There’s a free podcast that explains what to expect and how to prepare for it. Want to learn more about cutting-edge data technology? (Shameless plug: We have a podcast for that, too.)

From Earbuds to In-person: A Growing Podcast Community

True crime podcasts have created a new generation of curious detectives, including “My Favorite Murder,” the fifth most popular podcast with a following of fans dubbed “Murderinos.” 

From attending live shows to demanding merch, true crime podcast fans aren’t just enjoying the stories, they’re also helping solve crimes. “Up and Vanished” dove into a particular case, and as more details emerged via the community, police were able to make two arrests. “Greetings From the Garden State” talks about businesses and people doing great things in the state of New Jersey. By shining a light on small businesses and state culture, more people outside of the Garden State are paying attention—and paying a visit.

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