One of the more interesting trends over the last few years has been the growing popularity of open source databases. The capabilities these databases provide have enabled organizations to become more agile, reduce costs, and accelerate time to market for critical applications. They’re also helping to propel digital transformation. In fact, according to IDC,  64.2ZB of data was created or replicated in 2020, and within the next five years, data creation and replication will reach a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23%.

This perfect storm of new technology, rapidly increasing data volumes, the reliance of business on IT, and the rise of cybercrime presents a real problem for organizations using open source databases. As data volumes increase, recovering data becomes more challenging. Interestingly, there’s been a lot of investment in improving backup performance but little has been put into improving recovery times.  

Stressing systems (and people) further, backup and recovery systems have become more of a target for ransomware attackers. So why do many organizations still deploy and maintain legacy systems when it’s clear the industry requires a more modern approach where outcomes are centered around high-speed recovery and ransomware mitigation? 

Pure Storage® FlashBlade® enables you to leverage leading-edge storage technology to deliver restore-centered outcomes. FlashBlade provides:

  • Sustained TB/hour restore: Performance testing showed that MariaDB and MySQL could be recovered at least at 23TB per hour.*
  • Secure backups against ransomware: Pure SafeMode™ snapshots protect backups from being modified, deleted, or encrypted, even if admin credentials are compromised. In the event of a ransomware attack, your organization can quickly recover to a point in time when ransomware wasn’t present on a system using protected and reliable file share storage snapshots.
  • Easy integration with native MySQL and MariaDB: FlashBlade is a unified fast file and object (UFFO) storage platform. As a result, DBAs can simply take their existing backup scripts and make slight modifications to send their backups to FlashBlade.

Pure’s solutions help you easily store, safeguard, and scale MySQL, MariaDB, and other open source database technologies. With Pure, you get a Modern Data Experience™ for increased performance, enhanced speed, and improved resiliency with simplified deployment and management while reducing operational costs. 

Learn more about modern data protection for open source databases.

Review the FlashBlade Rapid Restore for MySQL and MariaDB technical white paper. 

*Based on internal Pure Storage testing and analysis. Your results may vary as differences in system configuration might affect actual performance.