This blog was originally published in September 2022. Read up on NVIDIA GTC 2023 here!

At NVIDIA GTC (register with this Pure link), thousands of AI-interested attendees will gather online to learn about NVIDIA’s latest innovations and AI best practices. They’ll also hear from practitioners and customers about how AI is making an impact. Pure Storage® is a Platinum sponsor of the event and is helping customers realize their AI visions by simplifying their journey with AI-ready infrastructure.

Powered by the newly announced NVIDIA DGX BasePOD reference architecture, and the FlashBlade//S™ storage platform from Pure Storage, AIRI//S™ often provides a lower total cost of operations compared to on-premises and cloud alternatives, and accelerates AI/ML workflows and file management tasks by up to 20 times or more using the new RapidFile Toolkit v2.0.

AIRI//S, powered by NVIDIA’s DGX BasePOD, provides customers with a ready-to-deploy solution that eliminates the time, complexity, and cost associated with DIY AI infrastructure and speeds AI development with predictable, scalable performance. Key to maximizing GPU productivity and AI outcomes is FlashBlade//S, the industry’s leading unified fast file and object (UFFO) storage platform that provides speed, simplicity, scalability, and sustainability for analytics and AI workloads.

AI development and deployment requires considerations for scaling from pilot phase to production. The public cloud can be an attractive choice for exploration of concepts, as well as experimentation with models and training. However, ongoing cloud costs, performance scaling, data egress, and availability are frequent concerns when taking AI into production. AIRI//S provides cloud-like capabilities with on-premises enterprise data services, including data reduction, and often provides a lower TCO for production use.

Ensure your organization is investing in proven and validated AI-infrastructure solutions for your AI projects. With the ability to start small and grow as your project demands, AIRI//S removes the complexity and risk from designing your own infrastructure, maximizes consistent and reliable performance, and offers a proven architecture design that allows your AI workloads to scale. FlashBlade//S is an industry leader for analytics and AI workloads, and with its unique Evergreen™ capability, allows you to seamlessly deploy, maintain, and upgrade infrastructure with a cloud-like experience.

Pure Storage recently released RapidFile Toolkit v2.0, a set of supercharged tools for AI practitioners and their IT infrastructure teams to efficiently manage millions of files up to 20 times or more faster than standard Linux utilities. It’s designed from the ground up to take advantage of FlashBlade’s massively parallel, scale-out architecture while also supporting local file systems on Linux. Used in AI/ML, HPC, and EDA workflows, RapidFile Toolkit helps accelerate file management, sorting, and analysis. This boosts efficiency for data scientists and IT admins, increases application performance, and ultimately improves business productivity.

As you attend this week’s online GTC event, be sure to catch our session, “Unlock the Value of Data and Accelerate Your AI/ML Initiatives.” Miroslav Klivansky, Principal Data Architect for AI and Analytics at Pure, will talk about the challenges of managing data for AI and how proper storage techniques can accelerate the time to insight and action that AI can bring to your organization.

Pure has helped many customers realize their AI initiatives by ensuring their solution has the best storage built for AI. Learn more about Pure Storage AI solutions at NVIDIA GTC online September 19-22 and get in touch with us to set up a discussion on how we can uncomplicate your AI initiatives.

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