This interview is the first blog in a series of open dialogue with Pure partners to discuss how we are helping to transform our customer’s businesses and discovering what is possible.

Pure Storage VP of Global Channels and Alliances, Michael Sotnick, sat down with partners to hear about what they value the most, their experience partnering with Pure, and what is top of mind for their customers.

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Our first featured partner is Remko Deenik, Director from Nováccent, which enables organizations to be safer and smarter by providing innovative information and communications technology solutions and services that provide reliable and always available information. Nováccent was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in the Netherlands.

MS: Remko, we are excited to have you join us for our first partner blog. As a company that is 100% partner centric in our go-to-market, partners are critical to our business. You were one of the first partners we thought of when we decided to feature select partners on our blog. You’ve been a Pure partner since 2012, what attracted you to Pure so early?

RD: I was first contacted by a Pure employee in the Netherlands and what interested me was the simplicity, performance and ease of use, as well as the Evergreen Storage model.

MS: You have experience working with numerous vendors. What Pure differentiators do you value as a partner?

RD: First, my local Pure Storage team! Pure takes us seriously, helps us get the message out and works with us to close deals; we have an awesome team in the Netherlands. I also joined the Partner Advisory Council (PAC), where I get insight into what Pure is doing next, talk with executives, and better understand where we are headed. Pure is also very transparent with their partners, embracing us as part of the family.

MS: When you discuss flash with customers, what is top of mind for them?

RD: Every customer is struggling with where to invest their dollars, there is still a lot of spinning disk and flash may be new to them. Customers want a solution they can trust from a strong company that can support the product now and into the future. Pure has that credibility, and Evergreen Storage combined with a leading Net Promoter Score really differentiates Pure and separates the company from the competition.

MS: We like to hear about business and IT transformation customers have experienced. Do you have any examples you can share?

RD: We have a customer that delivers content to digital blackboards in primary schools, enabling modern smart classrooms. These digi-boards are in almost 95 percent of primary schools in the Netherlands. Using Pure, our customer reduced the login time from 12 seconds, down to less than 1 second! Every second counts with students, so waiting even 12 seconds is too long. Our customer expects 250,000 logins to the system per hour.

MS: That is a great customer success story! Do you have any advice for customers or prospects evaluating flash?

RD: I would tell them about Pure! And to go for a solution that is built from the ground up for flash. Any product that is retrofitted for flash will have a lot of downsides. Customers should also consider the Evergreen Storage model, solutions that will last for the next ten years and beyond with no downtime and the capability to do software upgrades during business hours with no interruptions is invaluable.

MS: What about advice for partners considering Pure?

Remko: Pure makes a great partner because they create solutions that have business value. Pure is a door opener for us! When we do a POC, the customers are always so happy that they are willing to talk about other solutions. This is a huge accelerator of business opportunity for us.

MS: Remko, as always it is my absolute pleasure to spend time with you. Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights in our first ever Partner Blog! Looking forward to many more years of mutual success in partnership with you and your team.