In the vibrant and dynamic world of Pure Storage, there are many individuals who bring their unique talents and skills to contribute to the company’s success. One such individual is Kimberly Le, Senior Web Strategic and Production Specialist, whose serendipitous journey at Pure Storage led her from customer marketing to social media to web. 

Dive into Kimberly’s journey below. 

The High Level 

Kimberly’s tenure at Pure Storage began in October 2017 when she joined as a contractor. Her initial role was within the customer marketing team, where she focused on bringing customer stories and case studies to life. One of her main projects during this time was working on the lookbook, a collection of customer stories and quotes.

As her contract came to an end, an exciting opportunity emerged within the digital marketing team for social media. Kimberly made a seamless transition from customer marketing to social media, which was something she was already familiar with and adept at, and spent a year in that role.

But her journey didn’t stop there. She then moved to the web team, still within the realm of digital marketing, where she found her true passion.

A Match Made in Heaven

Reflecting on her various roles, Kimberly acknowledges how each one has contributed to her growth and development. The experience gained from customer marketing and social media has proven invaluable in her current position and provided her with the alignment needed for launches, campaigns, and other initiatives. This natural progression within different marketing areas has allowed Kimberly to discover her preferences and strengths, guiding her career path.

“All my roles kind of fell into place naturally,” Kimberly said. “Back then, social and web was under the web experience team so I was interested with some of the web stuff. But with the web role, it was more like it chose me, I didn’t choose it. And it was a perfect match.”

Kimberly loves the collaborative nature of the web work. She gets to work closely with various teams, including brand, creative, product, and solutions marketing. Web constantly keeps her on her toes, presenting challenges and opportunities for growth. 

“From day-to-day tasks to larger projects, such as supporting launches and campaigns, there is always something to be done,” she said.  

Kimberly particularly enjoys the chance to enhance website conversion rates, develop test drives, and witness the impactful changes made to the company’s online presence.

One of the standout projects in Kimberly’s journey at Pure Storage was a new product launch in March. “That was a very tight turnaround, and I think everyone really came together to get everything across the finish line, and that felt really good.”

Looking ahead, Kimberly is excited about a lot of upcoming web projects, including a new navigation, home page, and lots of personalization projects.

With a keen eye for innovation and a passion for web, Kimberly is a true difference-maker in Pure’s digital landscape.

Pure Culture 

There’s Pure work, and then there’s Pure culture, and Kimberly has fit really well into both. She describes her team as a group of hardworking individuals driven by a common goal to make an impact. 

“The team is awesome,” she said. “It’s a lot of really hard workers that really care and put forward their best work. And I think that’s very representative of the culture here. Everyone’s always willing to help step in and give a helping hand. But we still also keep it fun.”

Kimberly’s longevity at Pure Storage and her passion for the company’s culture and projects exemplify the remarkable chances for growth and development at Pure. 

“You hear all the time, ‘The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.’ For me, if I’m happy, it’s because the people are so supportive and great, and there’s so much opportunity.” 

Pure Living—Outside of Pure

Kimberly also exemplifies Pure culture outside of Pure, particularly the Pure-inspired values of being a volunteer and being adventurous. 

She used to mentor high school students from underprivileged areas. 

“It was like being a big sister to them. Giving them someone to talk to. That’s what we were there for—to help them navigate. I mean, high school’s tough, so having someone like an older sister to help you along the way is important.”

Apart from volunteering, Kimberly also used to work behind the scenes in radio and loves to hike, travel, and paint. 

“I’m not really so much a creature of habit so doing new and exciting things is really big for me,” she said. “I’m not gonna be the person backpacking for months, but I love getting outside and hiking in nature. That’s something that I definitely got from my parents.”

Her inspirations? 

Anthony Bourdain, naturally, for his willingness to take the road less traveled. 

Her mom and sister for their support and great work ethic. 


Miley Cyrus?

“We wouldn’t have thought it, right? But when I think of Miley Cyrus, I think of the journey she’s had. I know she had her wild times, but she’s very authentic and willing to take risks. I don’t think she’s ever living by someone else’s book. She’s unapologetically herself. And apart from that, I also think she’s super talented.”

And in that sense—talent—Miley is a lot like Kimberly. Pure’s lucky to have Kimberly’s talents as her adventurous journey at Pure continues to unfold.