It’s no secret that businesses worldwide are looking to “cloud-ify” their operations. With the rapid investment growth in cloud-based technologies, the shift toward hybrid cloud and enabling tech becomes increasingly pronounced.

In recent analysis focused on cloud spending and adoption, Wikibon Research used customer survey data from Enterprise Technology Research to compare spending momentum across key hyperscaler and on-premises infrastructure players.

Pure leads both hyperscalers and on-premises legacy vendors in customer spending intent. With an off-the-charts net score of 63%, the majority of existing Pure customers are looking to increase their investments—well ahead of major competitors.

This is impressive. We can’t recall ever seeing this much of an uptick for an established company. David Vellante, Wikibon Research

Since its inception, Pure has built products with cloud-like simplicity and agility in mind, exemplified by offerings like:

  • Seamless upgrades
  • Software-as-a-service–based management
  • Pay-as-you-go consumption models
  • Cloud-native data services

Our customers’ trust in us has validated and further solidified our belief in a customer-first approach to innovation.

So what makes Pure Storage different from other on-prem storage vendors?

The Cloud Experience, Everywhere

Our goal is to provide a consistent cloud experience for all your applications, wherever your data lives. We’ve taken several steps to make this possible.

Simplifying Application and Data Mobility Across Hybrid Cloud

Leveraging hyperscaler environments for disaster recovery is attractive. Such a setup allows you to avoid maintaining a secondary recovery site. But application mobility can be challenging due to differences in infrastructure attributes between on-premises and public-cloud environments. A data platform that provides the necessary abstraction across on-premises and diverse hyperscaler environments for a consistent experience can dramatically simplify application mobility.

Pure Cloud Block Store™ and FlashArray™ are built using the same Purity software, which provides a unified data platform across hybrid-cloud deployments. This provides consistent data services, APIs, and automation support across on-premises and multiple hyperscale environments. Companies like Cornerstone are accelerating the implementation of their hybrid-cloud disaster-recovery strategy and leveraging public cloud for efficient dev/test and backups.

Additionally, Pure’s comprehensive portfolio of products, including FlashArray, FlashBlade®, and Portworx®, are all AWS Outposts Ready. They provide scalable, performant storage solutions for traditional and Kubernetes-based workloads running on AWS Outposts and in the data center.

Delivering Storage as a Service with a Unified Cloud Subscription

One of the biggest advantages of the cloud operational model is flexible, as-a-service consumption. As data grows and evolves, the way you protect, manage, and store it needs to evolve along with it. We provide the flexibility to consume exactly the amount of storage you need, when and where you need it. Pure as-a-Service™ offers a unified hybrid-cloud subscription to provide the flexibility you need to manage consumption across hybrid cloud through a single subscription.

Accelerating the Journey to Cloud-native Applications

We’ve seen a rapid shift to modern microservices-based applications architectures and a rise in hybrid-cloud adoption. These have quickly led to the mainstream adoption of containers and orchestration tools like Kubernetes. Last year, Pure acquired Portworx, the industry’s leading Kubernetes data-services platform for building, automating, protecting, and securing cloud-native applications. Portworx enables any Kubernetes application to run on any Kubernetes distribution, on any cloud or on-premises infrastructure.

Helping You Get More from Your Investment

Pure Cloud Block Store was built from the ground up to support tier-1 applications in the public cloud. It can help you reduce the total cost of ownership so that you get more from cloud storage investments. Pure Cloud Block Store’s differentiated architecture bundles the highest performing and highest durability cloud-storage arrays so that you no longer have to choose between performance and durability when running on public cloud. Plus, it provides an enhanced cloud infrastructure experience by bringing Pure’s enterprise-grade reliability, industry-leading data efficiencies, and cross-availability-zone HA capabilities to AWS cloud environments.

Running Pure Cloud Block Store, we experienced an 80:1 data reduction, improving the performance of our critical applications and ultimately reducing costs. Joe Sueper, VP Global Infrastructure and Operations, Nu Skin

At Pure, we take pride in our customer-centric approach to innovation and service. We’ve built our products and solutions with a simple goal in mind: to help you innovate faster and solve real problems with data. We execute on this goal by delivering a Modern Data Experience™ for any application, on any infrastructure.

This is just the beginning for Pure, and we’re excited to continue enabling the enterprise cloud journey and help our customers innovate with data.