This blog is co-authored by Wendy Stusrud, VP of Global Partner Sales, and Megan Minkiewicz, Sr. Director of Global Partner Programs & Experience

We love the idea that “Orange is the new green.” From the very beginning, we’ve innovated, designed, and delivered storage and data management technology that is both easier to use and more thoughtful of the impact on our planet. 

This year, the Earth Day theme was “Invest in Our Planet.” It was meant to encourage businesses, governments, and people all around the world to invest in Mother Earth and improve their approach to protecting the environment. And, it’s a great opportunity for Pure to highlight the work we do with our partners to fundamentally change our approach to delivering sustainable solutions to customers around the world.  

Sustainable Technology Makes for Better Business states that “Companies [that] have developed strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards see better profitability, stronger financial performance, and happier employees.” We couldn’t agree more.

We were also honored to learn that the business community values our ESG efforts with recognition from the Business Intelligence Group, which presented us with a Sustainability Leadership Award in 2022. This award is presented to “honor those who have made sustainability an integral part of their business practice.” Pure Storage’s focus on ESG spans from our day-to-day business practices to the sustainable solutions we offer our customers. For example, we enable up to an 85% reduction in direct carbon usage in data storage systems compared to competitive all-flash systems—and even more against magnetic disk. And, Pure’s proven Evergreen® storage architecture allows customers to benefit from a reduction of wasted energy, and the reduction of e-waste. Evergreen//One offers users the ability to reduce the energy and waste of underutilized equipment as well as reuse, modernize, and redeploy equipment to extend service lifetimes. 

From our employment framework to our supply chain decisions, Pure embraces better, more sustainable practices. And now, our Partners can, too.

New! Sustainability Talk Track and Enablement Module

Our concern for the environment is built into our Partner Program. Our partner ecosystem covers all routes to market: Resellers, Distributors, Global System Integrators, Managed Service Providers, and Technology Alliances. And, more and more, we’re hearing from partners that sustainability and ESG initiatives matter—from requests for information, proposals, and quotes, to projects being implemented all around the globe.

Our Partner Program helps Preferred and Elite partners deepen their knowledge of Pure’s offerings, especially for conversations with customers who are focused on improving the sustainability of their infrastructure:

  • We’ve recently incorporated sustainability tracks in the requirements of our Partner Program to ensure the global ecosystem understands the importance of this critical topic.
  • We’ve created a Pure Sustainability Specialist enablement module, featuring our Chief Technology Officer, Rob Lee. It provides partners with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate this conversation successfully with new buyer personas, address key environmental concerns, and evaluate cost savings. Upon completing the module and associated assessment, partners will receive a Sustainability Specialist badge, and Pure will plant a tree in their name in partnership with our Pure Good Foundation. This training can be accessed via Pure’s Partner Portal (login required) and is available to all partners. 

Go Orange to Be Green

Have energy restrictions? Our partners can help. Need to shrink your carbon footprint? Our solutions reduce e-waste and conserve energy, and our partners know what to do. Want to manage your critical data securely, confidentially, and sustainably? Pure and our partners should be your top choice when selecting the most energy efficient storage and data management solutions that will help you go green. We think you’ll look good in Orange as you become more considerate of Mother Earth. 

Learn more about Pure’s Partner Program.