This post originally appeared in 2016. Get the latest on our NPS score!

Every company says they love their customers. At Pure, a real relationship with our customers starts with a great product, and extends to active partnership. We believe the best vendors analyze the business goals and needs of their customers, and help them achieve those goals.

A few months back, one of our customers, MI Homes, sent us an unsolicited list of the top 20 reasons they love Pure Storage. You can check it out here. To our delight and surprise, another pair of lists from another two customers showed up within a few weeks (more on this below).

We are consistently humbled and inspired by this type of response. We were blown away that our customers would take time out of their busy day to tell us what we’re doing well. It’s always nice to know what we can improve upon – but it’s as important to understand what adds real value for your customers. That’s why we’re in business.

Take for example our 2016 Satmetrix-audited Net Promoter Score of 83.5. The NPS is designed not just to provide insight into customer satisfaction, but customer advocacy. While there are a handful of companies that claim to offer NPS audits, only Satmetrix provides certified scores based on the NPS model it designed and pioneered.

An Above Average Net Promoter Score, Year After Year

For context, the average NPS among hardware technology companies is around 16. Marquee brands and products like Tesla and the iPhone come in at 81 and 64, respectively. Quite frankly, a Satmetrix-audited score of 83.5 is unheard of in our industry – and in the top 1% of audited scores.

While our NPS is demonstrative of the work we put in to communicate with and serve our customers, it’s just as rewarding to get real, practical insight into the customer experience behind that number.

We hear the message loud and clear – build storage that is Effortless, Efficient and Evergreen. Here are a few of the highlights, in the words of our customers:

Net Promoter Score