Helping innovators protect, manage, and benefit from their data is Pure’s Mission and the reason we have grown so quickly. Today, we are proud to share new data about Pure’s performance: our first Environmental, Social, and Governance report.

Our customers and partners choose Pure based on many factors. We’ve historically quantified everything from our product performance, to the lifetime cost savings of our Evergreen™ architecture, and even the size of our operating manual (one tent card front and back).

But customers, partners, and stakeholders now want to know even more about how their business partners conduct their own business and how a company like Pure can enable customers to reach their own ESG goals. Our report describes our performance and sets future benchmarks in three key areas: technology, operations, and people. We began this process with an independent audit of every aspect of our business. One of the most exciting findings from this materiality assessment is the degree to which Pure’s products already reduce our customers’ environmental impact in the use of our products.

In fact, Pure Storage currently enables businesses and organizations to drive out direct carbon usage in their data storage systems by up to 80% when compared to competitive offerings and even more when replacing hard disk solutions.

Pure consistently focuses our efforts on doing what is right, even when no one is looking. Our products have been providing continuously improving environmental benefits to our customers over many product generations. We will continue this march as we make new, industry-leading commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our products and operations. We are simply the most sustainable data storage option in the industry, and we will continue to reduce our direct Scope 1 emissions, our indirect Scope 2 emissions, and the Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our customers’ use of our products.

Our commitments are fully described in our ESG report. Our environmental performance today is just one of many reasons why so many customers believe that Pure Storage is the best choice to meet their business challenges.

Everyone at Pure Storage takes pride in our efforts to improve the world through our technology, operations and people.