We’re off to an exciting start for 2013! Since my last post, we enthusiastically kicked off the new fiscal year with our Global Sales Conference, we announced our updated P3 Partner Program, and today we launched the most comprehensive CUSTOMER GUARANTEE Program in the history of the storage industry!

The Mavericks of Storage!

Our Global Sales Kick-off was innovative, informational and loads of fun. Our theme this year is “Mavericks”, after the big wave surf just north of Santa Cruz, California. For those who may not be aware, this is a 40-50 foot+ swell that occurs only when the perfect conditions align.  In order to successfully jump off the equivalent of a 4 or 5 story building and ride these waves, it requires courage, commitment, skill and passion. This is the bar we set for ourselves as Puritans, knowing that opportunities like what we have in front of us as an industry, a company, a sales team or as an individual, just don’t come around that frequently. We should be humbled by it, respect it, learn everything we can about it and then be willing to give everything we’ve got to ensure we succeed. When we do, we’re all in (our customers, partners, employees) for the ride of our lives!

Our Customers and Advisors Speak Out!

One of the highlights from the week was the Q&A with our Customer Panel, who flew in to give us feedback on what they love about working with Pure and where they want us to focus for the future. As always, our customers inspired us, especially our engineering teams, with the value they are able to unlock with the FlashArray. There is nothing more motivating for an engineer to know that his/her work and innovation has real purpose and delivers quantifiable business and personal value for those who use it! It’s clear that our customers are as invested in our success and we are in theirs and it’s this type of relationship, whether it be in the form of a Customer Panel, a NetPromoter Survey, Customer Advisory Board (CAB) or just an open dialogue, that will help us build the next great storage company. Thanks to all of those who flew in!

We were also thrilled to have Frank Slootman, the CEO of ServiceNow and former President of EMC’s BRS Division and CEO of Data Domain, share his views on winning in the marketplace and building value for customers and shareholders. His experience and perspective, in addition to his approachability and sense of humor fit in very well with our Puritan culture.  The “recipe” for Data Domain’s success was very similar to our own, except that we’re shifting from disk to flash (rather than tape to disk), doing it for production storage applications  (vs. back up) AND WE HAVE NO DESIRE TO BE ACQUIRED BY EMC!!! Currently, Frank is the CEO of another very high growth company in ServiceNow, having led them through one of the most successful IPO’s of 2012. His enthusiasm toward Pure’s opportunity to help enable this next shift from disk to flash and the significant progress we are making against our vision was infectious! Thanks, Frank!


Customer Transparency: The Dedupe Ticker

As the industry starts to realize that Pure is on to the right “recipe” (flash + inline data reduction + enterprise array services), we’ve seen more and more competitors look to fill their dedupe gap by either shipping sub-par data reduction technologies, OEMing third-party code and retrofitting it to their flash storage, or simply talking a dedupe roadmap.  These vendors are often hiding behind vague marketing claims about their data reduction and positioning that “all dedupe technologies are the same”.  We believe that our purpose-built inline data reduction technology (deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning) are key differentiators for Pure, and we’re delivering the proof to back-up our claims!  Starting today you’ll notice a brand new section on the front page of www.purestorage.com: The Dedupe Ticker.  The ticker shows LIVE data reduction results from our entire customer call-home database, showing both the average data reduction (dedupe + compression) and the average total reduction (dedupe + compression + thin provisioning) across all FlashArrays at customer sites with call-home enabled (and across all workloads ranging from databases to VMs to VDI).  Is another vendor bragging to you about their data reduction?  Ask them to show you their results!

What? We’re Offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee???

Finally, and perhaps saving “the best for last” is our announcement today of the “Love Your Storage Guarantee”.  This unconditional and 100% customer-driven money back guarantee, is something the storage industry has never seen before and we’re hoping that customers and partners embrace it with as much confidence and excitement as we have in Puritan land.  We want to help re-define the paradigm in enterprise storage and re-set the expectation that IT leaders, Storage Administrators, DBA’s and others can and should not just tolerate, but LOVE THEIR STORAGE!  Trying Pure Storage is believing, so we felt that the best way we can motivate potential customers to try is to offer this 100% guarantee.  Data reduction: GuaranteedVastly improved performance: GuaranteedSuperior resiliency: GuaranteedSimplified management: Guaranteed.  24×7 Support: Guaranteed.  We’re so confident in the value we deliver that we are providing this unconditional assurance: love your FlashArray, or your money back!

What I like most about this guarantee program is that it is a direct reflection of the Pure culture: if we aren’t earning your loyalty as a customer by truly delivering storage that you love, we believe that we don’t deserve to keep your money.  The simplicity of the guarantee will serve as a powerful internal motivator to our people: do right by customers and they will do right by us!

Pure Storage Partners Love the “Love Your Storage” Guarantee!

Prior to launch our team worked with several of Pure’s authorized resellers to help define the terms of the guarantee and operationalize the program.  Partners told us they love the Guarantee and that they will use it to open new customer doors, shorten sales cycles and be able to accelerate the adoption of our FlashArray by enabling their customers to evaluate this new technology with absolutely no risk!  The Love Your Storage program is available through Pure Authorized Resellers and Distributors across North America, Europe, Asia and Japan.

How Does the “Love Your Storage” Guarantee Work?

The Pure Storage Love Your Storage Guarantee is designed to be simple: every FlashArray is guaranteed for 30 days after arrival at the customer site. If you are unhappy with the FlashArray for ANY reason, simply alert Pure Storage and you can elect to return the FlashArray for a full refund.  The guarantee requires no standalone agreement, full terms of the guarantee are reflected in the standard Pure Storage license agreement and quote, provided to each customer at purchase.  For more information, visit www.purestorage.com/guarantee.html.

We hope you are as excited as we are for all that 2013 has in store. We’d love your feedback on our Love Your Storage Guarantee and the Dedupe Ticker here or reach out to us directly….We’re committed to changing the storage industry, one customer and one partner at a time!

Thanks, all. See you in the marketplace!