As you know, running Microsoft applications on Pure Storage can have a massive business impact!  Customers running Pure + Microsoft have enabled better user experience and satisfaction, enabled real-time analytics to make even better decisions, decreased overall operational expenditures, and generated more revenue to the business.

Imagine a world where queries run 10x faster, applications run consistently below a millisecond, and business processes that used to take hours now only take a few minutes……  Think of all the ways you business would transform with access to information 10x faster……  Image all this value at a similar (if not less) cost compared to the infrastructure you are running today?  Interested?

Our infamous Microsoft Team is building tons of collateral to illustrate the value of Pure Storage + Microsoft, in additional to helping you implement Pure with ease!   We are building an army around Microsoft, which results in kick ass solutions for our customers.  Our Microsoft integration, documentation, and collateral grows on a daily basis…….  Below is a quick list…..check it, check it, check it out!

Our infamous Microsoft Team!  Check them out!!  Best in the business.

  • Adrian Simays, Sr. Manager, Microsoft Strategic Alliances
  • Rob “Barkz” Barker, Microsoft Solutions Architect
    • LinkedIn:
    • Twitter:  @themsftdude
    • Blog:

Pure + Microsoft Crazy Demos:

Microsoft SQL Reference Architecture:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, Data Center Edition (64-bit)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise (64-bit), Service Pack 1
  • Pure Storage FlashArray 420 (FA-420)
  • Purity Operating Environment 4.0.0

Best Practices Documentation:

Pure Storage PowerShell Toolkit:

Pure Storage + Microsoft Case Studies – a.k.a PURE BUSINESS IMPACT:

  • PeopleFinders:
    • Increased data processing rates by 3x.
    • Response time reduced to less than 10 milliseconds.
    • Enabled company to explore new business opportunities.
    • Achieved 10-to-1 data reduction.
  • Riverview Hospital:
    • Achieved 8-to-1 data reduction with hundreds of persistent virtual desktops
    • Increased virtualized SQL database IOPS by 2X, reduced latency from 2-8ms down
    • Peak transactions per second tripled, IOPS increased 50%
  • SurePayroll:
    • 4x increase in batch processing rate.
    • Database I/O waits virtually disappeared.
    • Backups can run at any time without throttling performance.
  • SaddleCreek:
    • 20x reduction in latency.
    • Database backups reduced from hours to minutes.
    • Administrators have more free time to work on strategic new projects, training and long range planning.
  • Harbour Creek ISP:
    • $250k in OPEX savings going forward.
    • Reduced latency from 15ms to 0.3ms.
    • Reduced data centre rack space from 30U to 6U.
    • Reduced the total storage from 70TB on mechanical disk to 3.0TB of flash.
  • LifeScript:
    • Achieved 12x reduction in latency.
    • Simplified storage management.
    • Data center footprint reduced by two-thirds.
    • Achieved 3.5-to-1 data reduction.
  • Sacramento Unified School District:
    • Decreased database response times.
    • Achieved 5-to-1 data reduction.
  • San Jose Sharks:
    • Currently supporting 250 virtual desktops, with more to be deployed.
    • Reduced latency to sub-millisecond.
    • Dramatically simplified storage management.
    • Achieved 12-to-1 data reduction.
  • Mattersight:
    • 9-to-1 data reduction
    • Improved analytics time from >1 day to 2.5 hours
    • Offloaded 70% of I/O load from legacy Tier 2 storage

Pure Storage takes Microsoft to entirely new level.

Want more?  I bet you do…….  Here are some additional places to check out on

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