If you want to know how to build, scale, and power a modern legal ops team, this fireside chat in our new Pure to Peer series is for you. 

For this chat, I’m joined by two amazing thought leaders in the legal ops space: Mary O’Carroll, Chief Community Officer at Ironclad, and Micki Nute, Director of Global Legal Operations and Enablement here at Pure Storage. We dive deep into the legal operations world, covering a range of topics, including:

  • What’s changed to make modern, in-house legal teams so critical—including hypergrowth phases in the tech landscape and the challenges they pose.
  • How to build a legal ops function from scratch while avoiding common silos that lead to duplicated efforts and “human middleware.”
  • How to efficiently scale legal operations, leveraging data and metrics and other “force multipliers” to help you innovate, avoid burnout, and prioritize initiatives for the best ROI.

Watch the chat: