Want to hear more on the ins and outs of creating skills-based programs for customers and employees, and the major impact it can have on a career? Watch our latest Pure to Peer video. 

For this chat, I’m joined by two amazing thought leaders in the customer experience: Cecilia Luu, who leads Pure PEAK at Pure Storage, and Phil Remaker, a longtime friend and well-known expert in the IT certification space who is Director of Strategy and Planning at Cisco. Cecilia, Phil, and I delve into:

  • The growing IT skills gap—including the importance of mentoring and training to help manage multi-generational IT estates.
  • The internal and external benefits of certifications—including why they’re so important for customers and how they lead to “architectural” thinking. 
  • How to get started on building expertise through skills-based learning—including how people can prepare for and seek out training and examples of a career-changing trajectory. 

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Watch the chat: