Want to learn the latest trends in R&D and IT innovation? Don’t miss this fireside chat, the latest in our new Pure to Peer series. 

For this chat, I’m joined by an incredible thought leader in the R&D space: Saurabh Saxena, India Site Leader & Vice President of Product Development at Intuit. Saurabh and I take a deep dive into:

  • How to keep IT innovation momentum going—including the link between innovation cycles and business growth and the power of building innovation engines for growth and drawing insights from rich experience.
  • Key factors that have led to the globalization of R&D—including how the role of R&D centers has changed over the years, especially in emerging markets. 
  • How creating a people-first culture attracts better talent and drives R&D innovation—including specific ways to attract and retain the best talent in today’s highly competitive market. 

Watch the chat:

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