The energy crisis is putting immense pressure on financial leaders already facing budget shortages. The conundrum: Spend less while also adhering to environmental regulations and imperatives to improve corporate sustainability. Save money, but also save the planet. 

It’s the right way forward, but it’s rarely the easy way—or the affordable way.

For enterprises grappling with data proliferation, the pressure to cut back on power and costs in the data center isn’t just an uphill battle—it can feel downright ineffective. Until now. 

Pure Storage will pay for your power and rack space

Today, Pure Storage announced a first-of-its-kind Paid Power and Rack Space Commitment in our Evergreen® subscription portfolio to help you satisfy the board and the bottom line. It’s not a gimmick and it’s not carbon credits—it’s actual dollars or service credits.

If you thought hosting data with cloud hyperscalers was the only way to get rack and power costs covered, think again. Any true storage-as-a-service (STaaS) offering should cover rack and power costs, like the public cloud. To give our STaaS customers a true cloud experience on-prem, we’re taking financial accountability and paying them back for hosting Pure Storage arrays in their data centers, while continuing to optimize it over time. Pure has the most energy efficient storage technology on the planet, and we stand by it financially.

How the Paid Power and Rack Commitment works

  • Pure Storage will pay power and rack space costs for organizations activating an Evergreen//One™ or Evergreen//Flex™ subscription on or after October 10, 2023.
  • The Pure Storage Paid Power and Rack Space payment can be made as a check sent to your organization or a service credit.
  • The payment is based on a fixed kilowatt per hour (kWh) rate and the amount of rack space taken up and is proportional to your location and size of contract.

Yes, you can go greener while saving money

We have a new energy and density guarantee that delivers affordability and sustainability for customers who can’t compromise on either. In addition to the Energy Efficiency SLA for Evergreen//One launched earlier this year, we are offering our Evergreen//Forever customers a new Power and Rack Space Efficiency Guarantee, starting on or after October 10, 2023.

Pure Storage® Evergreen//Forever™ subscription is guaranteeing a maximum number of actual watts per tebibyte (TiB) and certain TiBs per rack unit. This helps optimize available rack space, lower operational costs, and further customers’ sustainability efforts. If Pure Storage cannot meet the guarantee, customers will receive a credit.

The energy crisis could only get worse. Your storage should only get better.

IT buyers have not often seen returns in the data center, but Pure Storage has upended that old standard with data storage that only gets better over time. It’s an investment that reduces technical debt and helps the environment at a time when e-waste keeps piling up in landfills and on the balance sheet. 

How? Pure Storage is committing to customers that they can eliminate data migrations with our No Data Migration Guarantee. Evergreen has been delivering non-disruptive innovation without forklift upgrades or data migrations for ten years. Now, we’re guaranteeing an end to all data migrations within model families across the Evergreen subscription portfolio.

We’ve also added updates to the Pure Storage Ever Agile program with up to 20% discount and the Capacity Consolidation program for double the trade-in credits, both with an Evergreen//Forever subscription. In addition, we’re introducing new financing flexibility* making it easier for customers to adopt a Pure Storage Evergreen//One (STaaS) subscription. 

Curious how we stack up? Customers can compare their energy efficiency with similar organizations with our new Peer Rating in the Pure1® Sustainability Assessment.

Pure’s got your back

As you face incredible technological opportunities to modernize for the next decade, Pure’s got your back. Tackle exploding data volumes, stay ready for any innovation, cut costs, and help combat the global energy crisis with one choice: a data platform built on Pure Storage.