Pure’s global partners are helping customers cut costs, build sustainability into their storage infrastructure—and, now, improving how they consume data with flexible, subscription-based storage services.

Here’s why subscriptions play such a critical role in partner efforts and customer success.

Subscription Models Are the New Gold Standard

Pure just reported US$1 billion in annual recurring revenue, up 30% year-over-year. Our Q3FY23 results included more than 360 new customers who decided to manage their data through a flexible subscription model from our Evergreen™ portfolio. That’s in just the last 90 days!

Our partners around the world are clearly demonstrating the value of subscription-based storage solutions to customers across all industries. This type of infrastructure design is no longer exclusive to huge enterprise customers. It’s the answer to any customer asking the question “What works best for my company?”

Thanks to Evergreen, partners can give customers the power to choose how to consume and deploy data storage. Whether as a traditional purchase, flexible pay-as-you-go ownership, or as a true as-a-service offering, our partners can deliver, install, and service it. 

How We’re Helping Partners Sell Subscriptions Smarter

Our goal is to ensure our partners understand what they need to know to help customers through the full lifecycle of an acquisition, not just the initial purchase of an array or blade. That happens with subscription services. And that helps customers manage costs and minimize disruption caused by an upgrade. It also allows partners to expand the services they offer to customers who rely on Pure’s technology. 

We help our partners expand and deepen their knowledge of our technology through learning opportunities. From the first product we brought to market in 2011 to our more extensive portfolio of solutions today, Pure’s approach to partner collaboration has been to help our partners grow their skills and businesses by developing their own services to deliver the right storage solution to customers at the right time. We share our knowledge at invitation-only events, and broader training opportunities like what’s available from Pure Academy. We also conduct breakout sessions at industry events such as Cisco Live.

The Pure Partner Ecosystem

The Pure partner ecosystem truly offers customers many options to acquire and deploy our products and subscription options. We work with Resellers, Service Providers, Alliances, and Distributors. 

Our partners deliver Pure solutions 

  1. Directly to customers, 
  2. Sell through other vendors, and 
  3. Work with Pure to deliver our solutions. 

These options make it easy for customers to work with our partners in whatever way works best for their business. 

What makes it easy for partners to work with Pure? 

We’re a 100% partner model. Our Partner Program has encouraged, enabled, and celebrated partner growth and success around the world quarter after quarter, and year after year. We’ve supported their business expansion as partners in all routes to market provide service offerings that allow customers to simplify the experience of using Pure technology. 

We make it easy for partners to work with Pure, and subscription solutions make it easy— for companies to cut costs and make managing their storage infrastructure better. I’d love for you to join us as we help customers subscribe to something better for their business. Are you in? 

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