Organisations throughout Turkey are implementing visionary and innovative technologies. They’re bypassing legacy technology in favour of cutting-edge solutions. And they recognize the benefits and long-term opportunities from choosing this path.

There’s a big opportunity for both enterprises and the tech vendors that support them.

Organisations in Turkey are increasingly focused on getting the maximum value from their data. They’re making plans around analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. They’re also thinking about how they store and use big data.

To carry out these initiatives, they need infrastructure that seamlessly supports their goals. That’s where Pure Storage® comes in. Pure provides solutions designed to meet your business needs, demonstrating real-world impact and helping you digitally transform.

Pure’s unique business model is changing the game in the Turkish market. The Pure Evergreen Storage™ approach is unique in the Turkish market. Organizations can take advantage of a true service-consumption model for their storage, not just dressed-up leasing programs. Competitors try to replicate it, but nothing comes close to the Evergreen model.

Pure has a strong partner ecosystem in Turkey with global and local partners that deliver solutions that make an immediate impact. As a 100% channel-focused organisation, Pure understands how important close relationships are to meet business needs with technology solutions.

Empowering Public and Private Sector Organisations to Innovate 

Since launching in Turkey three years ago, Pure has created strong relationships with organizations in e-commerce, financial services, telecommunications, retail, banking, healthcare, energy, and government.

We enable these organizations to get the most value out of their data. In the last year, Pure has helped organizations in Turkey to:

  • Enable more than 2 million students to access distance education
  • Accelerate the Ministry of Health’s data-driven efforts to fight COVID
  • Transform the National Ambulance Services of Turkey’s systems for faster emergency response in 81 cities
  • Help the Turkish Postal Service boost distribution efforts
  • Support an automotive company as it pivoted to produce ventilator devices for COVID patients
  • Assist the two biggest private hospitals in Turkey to manage their transformation into COVID-care centers

Another success story: When an organization needed help to handle an exponential increase in e-commerce transactions, Pure enabled them to meet the increased demand seamlessly.

Looking Ahead for Technology in Turkey

Many organisations are looking for a new cloud approach to meet their business goals. Increasingly, organisations want the ease of use of cloud, the security of on-prem, and a flexible consumption model.

You shouldn’t have to make trade-offs when it comes to critical infrastructure that helps power your business. Pure’s Modern Data Experience™ enables you to innovate, consume flexibly, and effortlessly manage your data so you can focus on strategic tasks.

We want to thank our customers and partners for working with us and helping us succeed together. We continue to empower organisations in Turkey and look forward to helping them derive more value from their data.