In the IT world, we witness rapid innovation every single day. But if you listen to the boots on the ground, it would seem one area tends to lag: data storage. 

At Pure Storage®, we tend to disagree. We may be biased, but we don’t think of data storage as boring commodity hardware—it’s fuel for disruptors and innovators. To be that, however, it had to be transformed. It’s been our single objective as a company since day one: to uncomplicate data storage, forever.

And now, we’re shouting it from the rooftops. 

Let’s Fix Everything Wrong with Storage

Data Storage

You could say that, despite being a hardware company, Pure has always put people over products. Above all else, we’ve worked to create technology that is a pleasure to use—uncomplicated, intuitive, and problem-solving. 

We did this by listening. We heard the litany of problems with data storage, including:

  • It’s complex. Data infrastructure is fundamentally complex, causing issues with availability, risk, and resource management.
  • It’s rigid. Current data infrastructure has been at odds with as-a-service consumption models, lacking agility and flexibility.
  • It’s uninspiring. Most solutions aren’t innovative enough to support the advanced data activities required for business transformation.

It’s clear that everyone—business leaders, storage admins, or app owners—want to stop fighting fires and start making an impact. That motivated us to fix what’s wrong so data storage can empower innovators—not get in their way.

“The only way to do simplicity is to do it from the beginning and to get everybody focused on it. Every one of our engineers focuses on it.” – John ‘Coz’ Colgrove, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Pure Storage

Uncomplicated Is Who We Are and What We’re Built On

Data Storage

At Pure, every one of us is a champion of better science and better service. We built a system so robust, and yet so simple, that the entire deployment instructions could fit on a single business card. Making the complicated that uncomplicated is no small feat. Yet simplicity is possible when you’re wholly motivated by it. 

In each and every decision, we continue to pursue the benefits that accrue from simplicity: 

An Intuitive Experience

Simplicity is at the heart of our design and delivery—no compromises. From products to services, implementation, upgrades, and support, our model is intuitive and everything easily integrates with both new and existing infrastructures.

Data Storage Architected for Innovators

Simplicity isn’t a feature, it’s an architecture. Our solutions are primed for modern apps and containers and make data management, hardware, software, and services simple and inspiring. 

Evergreen by Nature

Sustainable and ESG-ready solutions help you save space, consume less power, and ensure hardware never reaches end of life. That’s because our platform handles upgrades on your behalf, keeps evolving, and never goes obsolete.

What Uncomplicated Data Storage Means to You

We didn’t pursue simplicity for simplicity’s sake.  We did it because we believe in the innovation it enables for our customers. 

If you’re ready to embrace transformation and do phenomenal things with your business, you need uncomplicated technology that’s up to the task. It’s time to stop wasting time managing the ins and outs of your data. Get inspired. Embrace transformation where it counts. And bring your data and your business into the future with Pure.