This blog post on FlashStack is co-authored by Darren Williams, Director, Global Compute Storage Solutions at Cisco, and Mark Bridges, Sr. Director of Alliances, at Pure Storage.

What keeps business owners and executives awake at night? Is it security of the infrastructure? Cost efficiency? Simplified management of your data? Whatever your answer, chances are it has something to do with being more successful and having the right infrastructure in place to support growth. Not just a growth in revenues, but also a growth in data.

Data is the lifeblood of the world today. Recent estimates suggest 328.77 million terabytes of data is created each day and that 90% of the world’s data was generated in the last two years alone.

Mind boggling, isn’t it?

Not to Pure Storage and Cisco. We’ve worked together for years to ensure a company’s data will be sustainable and energy efficient as technology evolves, secure from threats, and simple to manage—regardless of the speed at which it grows. Let us explain.

What Worries IT Leaders

Thanks to accessible and portable technology, the world has truly become interconnected like never before. That phone in your hand? It’s likely much more powerful than the guidance system used to send astronauts to the moon in the 1960s. While technology has continued to advance and improve faster each year, the data created by it is growing at astronomical rates. This exposes companies to sustainability issues, security concerns, and complex management requirements. FlashStack®, our joint solution, solves for these threats and allows customers to unlock new capabilities quickly while in pursuit of achieving business goals and staying within budget. 

Addressing Multiple Needs

To all the CEOs out there who are losing sleep over business challenges, you may now stop compromising. Pure’s entire history has been built on delivering sustainable technology that is secure and simple to manage. The partnership with Cisco has expanded the story through our joint solution of FlashStack, the software-defined hybrid-cloud infrastructure that integrates compute, network, and storage, which are managed holistically but scale discreetly. During the global pandemic and subsequent evolution of how partners collaborate safely, Pure and Cisco completed a full redesign of FlashStack so that it delivers a modern architecture to maximize the benefit of technology that is sustainable, secure, and simple to manage. 

This full stack choice delivers increased density from its software-defined architecture. Gone is the need to rip and replace every few years. We offer a range of choices that deliver the best sustainable solutions in the market today. Not only that, FlashStack also delivers unparalleled security through a “defense in depth” design principle.

Secured against Threats

Today, more than ever, it’s a “black hat” versus “white hat” world. Pure and Cisco definitely use our collective powers for good. Our collaboration leverages Cisco’s world-leading cybersecurity to guard against intrusion, viruses, malware, and ransomware. Pure’s SafeMode™ Snapshots provide the highest levels of availability and data protection, encryption, and immutable snapshots to reduce risk to organizations. Together, we create the most secure infrastructure in the industry. 

Incredibly Sustainable 

FlashStack was redesigned from the ground up with energy efficiency as a design priority. It reduces data center energy consumption up to 85% in customer data centers. Our industry-leading density has helped customers save millions of dollars on their data center footprint as well. How do we do it? 

  • Higher storage and compute density reduces our physical and carbon footprint.
  • Always-on data reduction reduces storage requirements.
  • New energy- and thermal-efficient design dramatically reduces power consumption.
  • Modular components and Evergreen® architecture reduce e-waste.
  • Always-on, usage-aware algorithms adjust power usage for optimal efficiency.

It’s a highly sustainable solution that is simple to manage. 

Stateless and Simple   

FlashStack is a stateless architecture that allows customers to manage, modify, and adjust capacity at any layer without affecting the other layers in the stack. What could be better? The environment is managed by a cloud-native AI-based tool called Cisco Intersight. This provides a single pane of glass for managing FlashStack infrastructure easily and simply. In addition, Pure offers the Evergreen//One subscription that combines the agility and flexibility of public cloud storage with the security and performance of an all-flash, sustainable infrastructure. It’s a guaranteed, SLA-driven storage service that improves how data is stored, mobilized, and protected year after year. No forklift upgrade required…no matter how much data gets managed…and no change to accounting strategies when an upgrade takes place. It’s stateless. And it’s simple.

The Right Infrastructure for Your Business

FlashStack combines the latest computing, network, and storage components into one integrated architecture. It accelerates deployment, lowers IT costs, and reduces risk no matter how quickly data expands. It is a truly sustainable solution that has three layers of security and a single pane of glass to manage it all. It addresses the key issues that keep business owners and IT leaders up at night. It’s here. It’s ready. It’s the right stack for your business.

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