If you’ve paid any attention to cloud-based storage analytics, automation, predictive support, and management over the past few years, you already know that Pure Storage® is a leader in this space with Pure1®. It’s just one of the reasons why Pure has such a high NPS score: Companies love how we help them, both proactively and through self-service options. It’s thanks to intelligent data operations.

We didn’t just spin up a service in the cloud and leave it there. Our agile product team is continually introducing new features and capabilities to make our customers even happier. With our competitors making me-too claims, I want to highlight five benefits of Pure1 that no one else in the industry has today.

#1: A True Digital Experience

While Pure1 is the best platform to monitor your storage fleet, monitoring is just one part of a comprehensive tool that can make your data center experience so much better. From start to finish, Pure1 is there to help you make the right decisions for your business through an easy-to-use digital experience.

It’s a complex task to plan, size, purchase, deploy, and provision storage just to get a new application up and running. The Pure1 Service Catalog dramatically simplifies the process by giving you access to all the services you need. From Pure as-a-Service™ offerings that let you get cloud-like storage services across private, hybrid, and public clouds, to Portworx® container services and to all the professional services you might need for your project: It’s all right there in Pure1.

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#2 Simplified Storage Planning

While other management tools offer some information about performance and capacity, Pure1 Meta® is an advanced AIOps machine-learning engine. It eliminates the need for spreadsheets, tea leaves, and crystal balls that you’d otherwise need to plan for storage growth.

Pure1 Meta powers the Pure1 Workload Planner, which is the most advanced storage planning tool on the market. Start from a list of commonly deployed applications like Microsoft SQL or SAP HANA and quickly see if your storage fleet can support them. From there, the tool shows you what will happen when that application grows over the next 30 days to 12 months.

Pure1 Workload Planner

The Workload Planner also shows exactly how your performance and capacity will change for any workload in your environment. Simulate scaling, migrating, cloning, and hardware changes to easily see the future, and order what you need to grow your business. If you’ve ever struggled with bringing up new test/dev environments for a multi-tier app, or tried to understand how doubling your database application will affect your environment, the Workload Planner takes all the guesswork away.

#3 Full-Stack Visibility

Lots of tools out there can help you with performance optimization or troubleshooting VMware environments. A lot of them are complicated or expensive, or both. Many are really good at showing you lists of things or giving recommendations. But they aren’t good at letting you see your stack and how it’s working.

Pure1 VM Analytics gives you industry-leading visibility into your VMware stack. From the storage array through the hosts and VMs all the way down to the vDisks or vVols, it shows you performance and capacity in an easy-to-understand way.

You can search for anything: a VM, a host, a datastore, a volume, or a Pure appliance. See exactly how it’s performing and, more critically, how much storage it’s using. Pure1 also shows capacity churn, so you can see exactly where your VMs are growing the most. Use this information in the Workload Planner to identify what you need to add to your storage environment to keep your VMware environment healthy and happy.

Pure1 VM Analytics

Lastly, Pure appliances have the world’s best vSphere integration with the Pure1 API. You can see performance load on your arrays inside vSphere and make decisions about application or VM provisioning, movement, or migration. It’s a truly powerful tool.

#4 Enterprise-Ready

Many of our competitors make noise about this, but I’m here to tell you that Pure1 is the only cloud-based storage management solution that is actually ready for the enterprise. Why?

For starters, security is a top priority for our product team. At the Pure1 product level, we’re SOC2 Type 1 audited and in the certification process for Type 2. We want you to be confident in the engineering and processes we use to protect all the data that you’ve trusted us to hold.

We also provide features to help you ensure the security of your environment. Pure1 is the only solution that offers role-based access control so that your users have the right levels of access. It’s easy to assign your VMware administrators access to just the VM Analytics tool in Pure1, or give your CIO a high-level dashboard.

Pure1 is also the leading solution in the storage industry that offers single sign-on with SAMLv2. Bring your own authentication and manage your own users and groups. We know this is a critical feature for large organizations, which is why we’ve included it in Pure1 for several years.

Lastly, we know that you have other reporting and provisioning tools. With the Pure1 REST API, you can take advantage of all of the goodness of Pure1 and pull that information into the places you need. We have the only cloud-based storage tool that has a comprehensive API and we publish the API documentation. Other vendors have limited API capabilities or none at all. Pure is serious about APIs and developers—just check out our developer community. We publish our APIs in Swagger for anyone to use. We even have an externally available Slack channel where you ask questions or share code.

#5 The Best Support

Unlike other companies that randomly open support cases and then close them to show how “effective” they are, we actually do the work. Pure1 Meta fingerprints known issues and automatically resolves them with our support team and customers. It’s one of the many reasons that Pure Support is the industry standard and why our customers are so happy. This is reflected in our best-in-the-industry NPS score of 83.5.

It’s not just the proactive support either. It’s also the tools you can use to help simplify everything. Engage our support team directly from the Pure1 dashboard or mobile app. Out and about? You can monitor your fleet and respond to support tickets from the Pure1 mobile app without lugging around your laptop. You can even schedule upgrades on our support team’s calendar, saving time and energy on emails or phone calls back and forth.

With world-class support, enterprise-ready capabilities, full-stack visibility, capacity planning, and a true digital experience, Pure1 delivers more intelligent data operations.

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