The world of business is highly dynamic, but one thing is constant: Business resilience is non-negotiable for your most critical applications. Whether you need business continuity or a global disaster solution, your applications need to be always-on. In the event of a major disaster, you need to safeguard your data with the lowest RPO/RTO possible. 

The Pure Storage FlashArray™ Purity operating environment provides class-leading modern data-replication methodologies to meet all your enterprise requirements. VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) is the industry-leading, proven automation software for managing vSphere virtual applications for disaster resilience. 

Business Resilence with ActiveDR and VMware Site Recovery Manager

For VMware customers, Pure’s portfolio of data-protection technology integrated with VMware SRM provides simple, intuitive automation for your business resilience strategy. Pure built the new ActiveDR™ feature to provide global disaster-recovery capability without complexity. You get continuous replication and near-zero RPO/RTO, while maintaining application performance. And because it’s Pure, it’s simple to manage, test, and maintain. ActiveDR is available with the release of Purity 6.0 for FlashArray™. 

If you’re looking for a business-resilience solution, you now have a simple, near-zero RPO solution to protect against disaster. ActiveDR operates between metro-distance synchronous replication and periodic replication via Pure’s asynchronous-replication feature. Our installed base is able to take advantage of new features non-disruptively. With ActiveDR, they’ll once again be able to benefit from our continued innovation. 

Data Protection for VMware Cloud Foundation VCF

VMware SRM with ActiveDR

Together, VMware SRM and Pure FlashArray ActiveDR continuous replication provide easy and predictable near-zero RPO. VMware datastores are placed into a Pure FlashArray logical pod, which simplifies managing and protecting VMware datastores. You can modify the datastore, take a snapshot, and resize it. ActiveDR automatically applies all those actions to the recovery pod at your secondary site. 

  • VMware SRM manages the recovery of virtualized applications and their dependencies with automation to provide the lowest recovery time of those applications, addressing RTO. 
  • ActiveDR protects pods on the primary site by continuously streaming content changes to the recovery pod for minimal data loss, addressing RPO. 

Everything about ActiveDR is easy, but the best part is that it’s built-in and included without requiring extra software licensing. It takes just a few steps and minutes to put ActiveDR and SRM to work replicating and protecting virtualized applications.

If your requirements call for zero RTO/RPO with disparate sites across metro distances (<11ms roundtrip latency), look to ActiveCluster™ combined with vSphere Metro Storage Cluster. ActiveCluster enables bidirectional and synchronous replication across two metro sites. You can asynchronously replicate to a third site to get the highest level of VMware protection. 

VMware Cloud Foundation with ActiveDR

Protect your VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) environment by deploying VMware SRM with Pure’s broad set of modern data-protection replication technologies. Pure partners closely with VMware to provide integration, support, and investment protection as you transition to VCF. (Learn more about how VMware Cloud Foundation and Pure work together, including details of using VCF Principle or Supplemental storage with FlashArray.)

For more information, check out the following resources: 

Watch for VMware SRM certification with ActiveDR as well as demo videos, technical blogs, and how-to documentation. For now, learn more about ActiveDR through the above links.