This year, like no other, has underscored the need for faster clinical research and drug discovery, as healthcare and life sciences organizations race to develop therapies. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can help speed research and development dramatically by enabling scientists to mine vast datastores, run simulations, and make sense of research on complex diseases. Organizations that were cautiously exploring AI are now moving closer to going all-in—offering hope for faster time to science—and cures.

Getting Started with AI

Because AI is a new type of deployment for many healthcare and life sciences organizations, it presents unique challenges. You need to consider where data will live, where workloads will run, and how you’ll optimize your infrastructure to power analytics at the required speed. Often, data science teams face operational challenges because they lack the oversight and automation to produce models efficiently, using repeatable processes. As a result, it can be difficult to operationalize ML at scale.

To address the gap between AI needs and AI-enabled mission success, Pure Storage® has teamed up with World Wide Technology (WWT) and Cisco to offer hosted or on-premises AI/ML infrastructure. 

Featuring Pure and Cisco’s FlashStack™ for AI and WWT’s hosting and Machine-Learning Operations (MLOps) services, this solution provides immediate value by helping you tap into crucial insights and intelligence from healthcare data. Developed jointly by Pure and Cisco, FlashStack provides unparalleled expertise, service-based delivery, and data-driven results, so you can achieve faster time to science.

Realizing the Benefits of AI in Healthcare

Healthcare and life sciences organizations can benefit from:

  • Decreased time to insights on data-science use cases. Fast matters—today more than ever. Purpose-built collaboratively with data scientists for the unique requirements of AI and ML workloads, this compute-and-storage solution reduces the time from theory to insight. Researchers and clinicians can move more quickly and cost-effectively from the bench to the bedside and turn ideas into actionable therapies that could improve patient lives.
  • Mission acceleration. Healthcare organizations generate vast amounts of data in all aspects of their operations. Finding patterns and valuable insights that can lead to improved outcomes requires advanced solutions built to handle the complexity and volume. With WWT, Cisco, and Pure, you’ll be able to focus on your core priority—healthcare—while we provide the AI and ML solution you need to accelerate research and innovation.
  • Data science and MLOps expertise. Successful AI and ML at scale require agile, auditable methodologies so that collaborative teams of data scientists can create sustainable value. Our experienced MLOps practitioners, data scientists, and consultants can help you expedite your initiatives and ensure successful execution.
  • Flexible consumption and deployment options. Organizations are under increased financial pressures. That’s why we incorporated flexibility from the start. This joint solution provides financial flexibility and tailored deployment models to meet your unique needs, whether that’s a service-oriented and consumption-based OPEX¹ model or a CAPEX model. Deploy either on-premises or as a hosted solution, so you can focus on your mission and allocate resources where needed, without worrying about setting up more infrastructure.

Healthcare and life sciences organizations need the ability to leverage more AI, faster. Our flexible solution delivers infrastructure on-prem or hosted, along with consulting and MLOps expertise, to meet both requirements. Plus, it’s not overly complex—something you don’t usually hear when it comes to AI/ML initiatives. 

Learn more about how you can accelerate time to discovery and development insight and innovation with Pure’s strategic partnership with WWT and Cisco.

1. OPEX treatment is subject to customer’s auditor review.