A key part of Pure’s strategy with Pure Cloud Block Store™ is to bring a best-in-class storage solution to organizations that leverage AWS in their hybrid-cloud strategies. Pure Cloud Block Store allows you to deliver consistent data services and availability in AWS while leveraging the familiar Purity APIs and management interfaces. Pure Cloud Block Store delivers Pure’s leading data efficiency, resiliency, instant space-saving snapshots, and always-on encryption—all in the AWS cloud.

This week, AWS recognized Pure Cloud Block Store for AWS as a best-in-class storage solution, naming Pure an Advanced Technology Partner. This recognition means that Pure adheres to the highest technology standards for AWS customers and has proven it through industry adoption, customer testimonials, and passing AWS’s Well-Architected Technical Review. This puts Pure in an elite set of Technology Partners that AWS views as critical to the success and adoption of its cloud platform, now and in the future.

Pure Storage has a proven track record of helping organizations use more of their data while reducing the complexity and expense of managing the infrastructure behind it. Bringing that expertise to AWS allows our mutual customers to leverage everything they love about Pure on AWS as a part of a hybrid-cloud strategy or for standalone applications running on AWS.

Pure and AWS customers leverage our joint technologies across all customer sizes and segments, including enterprise, public sector, and mid-size business. Pure Cloud Block Store is available on AWS GovCloud and in several international regions worldwide. Organizations of all sizes can see immediate benefits from storage and management cost savings, while enabling the movement of applications and data to AWS (and back as necessary). Many customers have started using Pure Cloud Block Store for Dev/Test as well as larger disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity strategies. Check out the latest webinar covering disaster recovery with Pure Cloud Block Store for AWS

Get Started with Pure Cloud Block Store on AWS

Pure Cloud Block Store leverages the same design principle as Purity: Keep it simple. In fact, go to the AWS Marketplace to try it free now.

Want an overview before you get started? Check out this five-minute video. If you’d like to have a data expert from Pure walk you through the benefits, please contact us to request a demo.