Today, we’re excited to announce the next phase of Pure’s cloud data services offerings. Pure Storage Cloud Block Store™ for AWS delivers on our promise of consistent data services and seamless hybrid mobility.

Cloud Block Store for Amazon Web Services

Pure Storage Cloud Block Store for AWS is now generally available following a successful beta program. It’s industrial-strength block storage delivered natively in the cloud. Cloud Block Store:

  • Enables mission-critical applications to run reliably on public cloud
  • Increases the power of cloud storage for webscale applications
  • Drives true hybrid operations with consistent data services and resiliency

Cloud Block Store has seamless bi-directional data mobility for your hybrid environment, plus consistent APIs and a common management interface for on-premises and public-cloud resources. You get the ultimate agility to free applications from getting locked into a single cloud environment.

From day one, our goal with Cloud Block Store was to enable mission-critical applications to run in the cloud. We do it by bringing all the enterprise capabilities and simplicity that you know from Pure’s on-prem arrays to the cloud. We architected Cloud Block Store for reliability and performance. It bundles the highest performance and most durable cloud-storage components and wraps them with a resilient dual-controller architecture that provides high availability on your AWS virtual array.

Cloud Block Store helps you enhance cloud storage by bringing adding enterprise-grade capabilities. For instance:

  • Pure’s high data-reduction rates, with always-on thin provisioning, deduplication, and compression ensure the economic delivery of capacity.
  • Purity’s space-saving instant snapshots spin up efficient and scalable Dev/Test environments in the cloud.
  • 11 9’s durability from Amazon S3 and high IO1 performance, all in one.

Cloud Block Store is seamlessly integrated with Pure’s on-premises cloud data infrastructure to deliver a true hybrid architecture. With it, you can:

  • Develop, migrate, and run apps across your hybrid cloud.
  • Leverage the cloud for disaster recovery of on-premises or hosted workloads.
  • Run HA between two availability zones in the cloud with ActiveCluster™.

Purity CloudSnap for Microsoft Azure

Last year we announced the general availability of Purity CloudSnap™ for AWS. We’ve now extended CloudSnap to Microsoft Azure. Pure customers can now choose from Azure Blob storage or Amazon S3 storage for backups and data protection.

CloudSnap is a simple automatic snapshot backup built right into Pure Storage FlashArray™. CloudSnap implements portable snapshots, which allows off-array snapshots to be wrapped in metadata. This capability enables metadata-optimized restoration of these snapshots to any FlashArray. The portable snapshots are incremental and space-saving, making replicating them fast and cost-effective. On AWS, recover into Cloud Block Store to use AWS cloud for disaster-recovery or for app migration.

Discover true unified hybrid cloud operations

With Cloud Block Store and CloudSnap it is now possible to build applications once and run them anywhere across your hybrid cloud, and protect your data anywhere with ease. The future is hybrid- make the transition seamless with Pure. Visit Pure Storage’s hybrid cloud page for additional resources.

See how much you could save with Pure when you use AWS along with Cloud Block Store to provide storage efficiencies as well as enterprise-grade resiliency and redundancy with the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator.