It wasn’t too long ago that superiorly gifted athletes solely dominated sports. But with the rising ability to capture and rapidly analyze massive amounts of data, sports and athletic pursuits have gone in a new data-driven direction.

Consider Moneyball¹, a book (and movie) based entirely around the quantitative analysis of baseball data. That data enabled Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletics to exceed performance expectations by assembling the right mix of players to score more runs over time while improving defensive outcomes.

Formula 1 racing takes the data-driven approach to an extreme. The average F1 race car has multitudes of sensors on every part of the vehicle that capture every possible data point. An average weekend of racing generates more than 2TB of data which the team uses primarily to solve problems and optimize performance. It’s paramount for a data storage company like Pure Storage to deliver robust data services that make every bit of the organization’s data available.

At Pure//Accelerate™ Digital, we delivered multiple breakout sessions to demonstrate the influence and benefit of Purity across our FlashArray™ and FlashBlade® offerings.

If you want to hear what agile data means for a Formula 1 racing team, Michael Taylor, IT Director at AMG Petronas Motorsports, explains how they manage data as a core component of their operations. This discussion demonstrates clearly the intersection of driving performance with data performance—all underpinned by Purity.

With Purity data services, Pure helps you utilize data in the most insightful way possible so you can take informed action. Purity is our software-defined storage foundation that eliminates data silos by centralizing data on performant, easy-to-use, highly available, secure, scalable, and future-proof data plane at the edge, in the core data center, and in clouds. Launched last week, the latest version of Purity 6.0 features exciting new capabilities for FlashArray, including ActiveDR™ continuous replication services and unified protocol support for block and file services. To dive deeper, check out “The Future of Workload Consolidation and Data Aggregation” on demand.

Also at Accelerate, the FlashBlade team highlighted recent enhancements to Purity//FB, the industry’s most advanced storage software for unstructured data. The scale-out software that powers FlashBlade, Purity//FB enables the simplicity, agility, and performance that you’ve come to love and expect from FlashBlade. Watch “Realize your Modern Data Needs with FlashBlade” to learn what’s new in Purity//FB 3.0 and get a closer look at how it now powers cloud integrations with object replication as well as disaster recovery with file replication.

That’s not all we covered at Accelerate//Digital. Dive deeper with this complete list of on-demand sessions. Come back as often as you’d like. We’ll keep driving innovation to help you reach the finish line with your data objectives.

  1. Moneyball is a 2011 American biographical sports drama film based on a book by Michael Lewis.