A converged infrastructure solution requires more than just a great architecture and a comprehensive validation process. Converged infrastructure must also must provide a simpler, easier, lower cost ownership experience that allows IT to focus less on buying and integrating individual vendor products and more on the workloads that bring business benefits and competitive advantage.

Today, Pure Storage® announced FlashStack Converged Infrastructure combining 100% flash storage with Cisco and VMware components into a single, integrated unit of data center resources. Equally important, however, was the announcement of FlashStack Authorized Support Partners (ASPs) who will provide unified single-call support and lifecycle services to the IT departments who choose FlashStack.

A key aspect of the FlashStack CI ownership experience, single-call support includes offering L1 and L2 support for all FlashStack components and acting as the trusted single interface for support requests. FlashStack ASP support organizations are backed by L3 and L4 support from Pure Storage, Cisco and VMware. But FlashStack owners can be confident that their FlashStack ASP will bring support requests to closure.

The inaugural FlashStack ASPs include:

While any IT department can choose to leverage the technical benefits of FlashStack reference architectures, the full FlashStack CI solutions (which include support and services) are exclusively available from FlashStack ASPs. A small number of highly skilled companies, FlashStack ASPs are chosen based on their knowledge of customer environments and requirements, in addition to their experience in the converged infrastructure space. Their support departments understand every component of the FlashStack CI architecture and can help size, deploy, and maintain FlashStack infrastructure throughout its lifecycle. Advanced service offerings from FlashStack ASPs can help IT departments get the greatest value possible out of both existing and future projects.

In coming months the FlashStack ASP community will expand to serve more customers with broader market coverage. This is a continuation of our 100% commitment to our channel partners, in this case those that have an established converged infrastructure practice combined with an ability to provide single-call support. For our mutual customers it’s important to know that Pure Storage will continue to deliver FlashStack CI through deliberately chosen partners who reflect our commitment to simplicity, efficiency, and a better way of doing business.

To learn more about FlashStack Converged Infrastructure and its benefits, please visit purestorage.com/flashstack