FlashArray Certified to Run on Visbion Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)

FlashArray™ is now certified to run with Visbion’s Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) which enables healthcare providers to store and easily access medical images and data.

Pure Storage® FlashArray™ is now certified to run as part of Visbion’s Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). The VNA enables healthcare providers to store and easily access medical images and data. Visbion is a U.K.-based specialist in medical image acquisition, distribution, management, and display solutions. The company serves the healthcare, veterinary, and life sciences markets.

A VNA enables a healthcare organization to consolidate, standardize, and archive images and data from multiple Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS). They can consolidate data into a single, easily accessible and interoperable repository. VNA also interfaces with electronic databases containing health records, clinical reports, and other sources. The Health Level Seven International (HL7) standards guide this transfer. Amid hospital consolidation trends, organizations demand capabilities offered by a VNA. They want the ability to aggregate data out of data silos. They also need to ensure scalability to minimize upfront costs.

VNAs are essential for providers engaging in collaborative care. They need fast and easy access to patient images and data. They find this data coming from multiple departments, systems, and providers. PACS alone don’t always meet this need as they can not easily integrate with another PACS. Clinicians need to be able to centralize and store images securely and instantly. As ever, more images are taken and shared using mobile devices.

PACS vendors use different syntaxes within Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) for ultrasounds, MRIs, CTs, x-rays, and other images. DICOM is a protocol for transmitting images and a file format for storing them. Use of various syntaxes makes it difficult for data from one PACS to work in another PACS. TheVNA solves this problem by deconstructing data from the PACS and then migrating it under a common syntax to enable data integration. As a result, providers can access the VNA to view images from multiple PAC systems. They benefit from a 360-degree view of the patient. This saves time and reduces opportunity for errors.

Visbion’s VNA hosts a PACS DICOM archival image repository. It can also host non-DICOM images and content. The VNA also hosts HL7 messaging and non-clinical content. These features all include industry-leading data compression. The VNA works across multi-vendor imaging datasets, supporting customers’ future interoperability needs.

FlashArray is the first Pure platform to be validated with Visbion’s VNA. No matter where their data lives, healthcare organizations now can aggregate their clinical and non-clinical healthcare data into a single repository – Visbion VNA – on a single high-performance, future-proofed platform – Pure Storage FlashArray. FlashArray also can enable providers to speed up artificial intelligence and other data analytics.

Patients benefit because their providers have faster and more comprehensive access to patient data. Providers thereby gain informed and timely care decisions. They can drive improved patient outcomes. Healthcare organizations enjoy the ability to adopt a vendor-agnostic medical imaging repository. This repository is based on the Pure modern data experience. As always, Pure offers proven 99.9999% availability. That’s in addition to always-on performance, appliance-like installation, and no data migrations, ever. Thank you for reading this blog on Visbion Vendor.

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