What defines the “end of an era” and the dawn of a new one? 

It’s not just a groundbreaking invention. Electricity was discovered in the 1700s, but that’s not when it changed everything. It took another 100 years to become practical, and another 50 to be widespread. 

That’s the key. One era ends, and another begins when innovations are no longer reserved for the few, but accessible, sustainable, and affordable to all. It’s why we can call this launch the dawn of a new era. It’s the first affordable, all-flash storage solution for unstructured data repository workloads—and it’s going to change everything.

FlashBlade//E: A Milestone Innovation for Unstructured Data

Pure Storage FlashBlade//E delivers the environmental, ease of use, and reliability benefits of all-flash storage for unstructured data workloads, but at a cost competitive to disk-based storage solutions. It builds on the innovation of FlashBlade//S™—efficiency, density, and unified file and object—but with low acquisition costs and excellent TCO.  

It’s a critical milestone, but it’s just the start. Where FlashBlade//S is tuned for critical, high-performance workloads that consistently require cutting-edge high performance, FlashBlade//E addresses capacity of all unstructured repository workloads while helping you address cost and power utilization. It’s revolutionary today, but it’s also extensible for tomorrow. 

Like all of Pure Storage’s major innovations, FlashBlade//E is just the beginning of our journey to modernize the repository storage market. Our ethos is one of innovation, which means the FlashBlade//E platform will only get better over time.  

Launch Your Unstructured Data Revolution 

If there’s an underserved area of data storage infrastructure, it’s the growing stores of unstructured data sprawling across the data center. We know this data has immense value, and 90% of it is still stored on disk¹. That’s because, until now, disk-based storage solutions have been the only viable option based on their cost.

When power grids made electricity accessible and affordable to homes around the world, life was revolutionized. More hours to get more done—innovations, human ingenuity, and creative breakthroughs—delivered the Second Industrial Revolution. (Today, we’re on the Fourth.)

New eras are often when revolutions occur. With FlashBlade//E, you won’t just solve the problem of unstructured data affordably, you’ll create revolutionary opportunities with it. 

How? FlashBlade//E equals: 

  • 40% lower TCO over six years, and acquisition costs comparable to disk—under 20 cents per GB raw*
  • Less time replacing failed components
  • Less time managing complex resiliency schemes
  • Less effort, with multi-protocol file and object storage in the same platform
  • More time back to do the things that matter

As unstructured data continues to explode, those that solve this growing problem today will be poised to transform faster, leapfrog the competition, and lead the next revolution.

Build a Green Foundation for Your All-flash Data Center

//E also stands for efficiency, and we’re going to need it as unstructured data continues to grow and put more demand on data centers². Without a solution like FlashBlade//E, the challenges you’re facing today will only get bigger, and the ESG goals we set today will be harder to attain. Unstructured data is complex and power-hungry, and disk is inefficient and space-hungry. Put them together and you have mounting issues for data centers, bottom lines, and the environment. 

Like the shift from incandescent to LED, FlashBlade//E blows disk out of the water, offering:

  • One-fifth the space and power
  • 60% lower operational cost of legacy
  • 85% less e-waste
  • 10x-20x the reliability

Power utilization may not have been a key driver behind moving these data sets before, but with FlashBlade//E, it’s an investment in the future we can’t afford not to make.

Imagine Your Unstructured Data Environment in a New Light

FlashBlade//E will reinvent the way your everyday unstructured data is delivered to address your needs of today, tomorrow, and forever. And, for customers looking for pay-as-you-go economics and a scalable cloud experience to manage large file and object repository workloads, Pure Storage has a new service tier in the Evergreen//One™ storage-as-a-service (STaaS) subscription. This new tier allows you to further increase the value of your unstructured data and add cost and energy efficiency beyond traditional disk.

They’re just two more reasons Pure Storage FlashBlade® is the last scale-out platform you’ll ever need.

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¹Are You Ready for the Unstructured Data Explosion? 
²How Could Data Growth Impact the Environment? 
*Compared to similarly configured disk-based systems