In late 2014, Pure Storage® made a strategic bet to expand its solutions portfolio into the Converged Infrastructure (CI) space—a market that has seen rapid growth in the last few years and is likely to continue to see similar growth given the need to simplify and streamline IT deployment projects. We’re continuing that FlashStack™ momentum today with new products and solutions.

Disrupting the Converged Infrastructure Market

We had a strong belief that Flash was poised to disrupt the Converged Infrastructure market previously dominated by mechanical disk and that all-flash alternatives would dominate customer spend on CI solutions. With this belief and a strong channel ecosystem to back us up, we launched FlashStack in Dec 2014, our All-Flash Converged Infrastructure solution.

FlashStack combines the latest technology innovations in compute, network, storage hardware and virtualization software from market leading vendors Cisco, Pure and VMware to provide an integrated infrastructure solution that speeds time to deployment, lowers overall IT costs and reduces deployment risk.

The FlashStack Solution Portfolio

Since then, we have made significant progress on all fronts. We now have a solution portfolio covering all major datacenter workloads, a channel ecosystem that is fully engaged, and business growth that would match that of a high growth startup. Additionally, we recently announced our first Cisco Validated Design for enterprise VDI deployments, which marks the beginning of a new chapter in our FlashStack journey. This new solution allows Cisco, Pure, and our joint channel partners to offer a robust solution for large scale enterprise deployments that is fully backed by Cisco and Pure.

We announced two new solutions for FlashStack and an all-new entry level CI offering called FlashStack Mini, which will allow our small and medium sized customers to reap the benefits of an all-flash CI solution without burning a hole in their pockets.

FlashStack for Microsoft

The first FlashStack solution focused on Microsoft Exchange can scale to support 40,000 mailboxes and allows Exchange admins to focus on the needs of the business, which is keeping email servers up and running and boosting end user productivity, without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure components. And did I mention the solution is Microsoft ESRP validated?

FlashStack for SAP HANA

The second FlashStack solution for SAP HANA Lumira data provides a compelling solution for hosting a data analytics platform. The solution provides up to 3X faster queries which helps organizations makes real time decisions faster. The solution also provides up to 8X faster HANA restarts which ensures greater up time for SAP HANA deployments all the while removing complexity, time and cost from SAP HANA deployments.

FlashStack Mini

Lastly, we have heard numerous requests from our small- and medium-sized customers regarding the need for an entry level CI offering. I am pleased to announce a new offering called FlashStack Mini that is especially geared up towards the needs of our small- and medium-sized customers.


Based on FlashArray //m10, Cisco’s UCS Mini platform and priced starting at < $100K with up to 25TB of usable capacity and up to 8 compute nodes in 9 Rack Units, FlashStack Mini will provide small and midsize enterprises with an affordable, easy-to-deploy all-flash converged infrastructure solution that enables IT consolidation and accelerates journey to the cloud. Assembled, deployed, and supported by our channel partners, the solution will provide an ideal entry level infrastructure solution that can grow with the needs of the environment.

We will have two solutions available on FlashStack Mini in the June timeframe. The first solution will be an entry level VMware VDI solution which will support up to 1200 desktops. The second solution will be a Microsoft application consolidation solution. Based on Microsoft Hyper-V, this solution will provide customers a recipe for consolidating key Microsoft application such as Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint.

We also have an exciting roadmap for FlashStack in year 2016 covering new use cases for existing workloads and solutions for new and emerging workloads. Watch this space for updates in the upcoming months.

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