You Can’t Slay Dragons, if You Don’t Have the Right Weapons or Storage-as-a-Service!

IT leaders wake up every morning facing new challenges. Their budgets and staff are shrinking. Their internal and external customers are asking them to deliver more results on tighter deadlines. The C-suite is asking them to drive new cloud initiatives. Every day their requirements are changing. And then there are constantly changing regulations that impact the way they deploy their infrastructure.  It’s enough to make the most seasoned dragon slayer to cringe at the challenge.

This is why you need the right tools.  Building the right IT infrastructure is all about having choices, flexibility and agility.  At Pure Storage, we have built our Evergreen™ Storage Service (ES2) from the ground up to provide IT Dragon Slayers the right weapons to address their daily challenges.

Choose From:

  • Both CAPEX or OPEX storage options – With Pure, you can deploy your storage infrastructure by either purchasing our Evergreen arrays or storage-as-a-service with ES2.  You no longer need to choose multiple vendors based on your procurement preference.
  • Block, File or Object data types – Pure offers you the choice of any data type regardless of whether you choose to purchase our Evergreen arrays or use ES2.
  • On-Premises, Colocation and/or Public Cloud Hybrid Connectivity – ES2 gives you the option of placing your storage resources on-premises within your data center, in colocation facilities, connected to the public clouds or a hybrid of multiple locations – providing the greatest flexibility and choice of deployment and replication options.
  • Multi-Cloud Connectivity to Leading Public Clouds – The ability to connect Pure Storage to a variety of pubic cloud compute options eliminates the vendor lock-in inherent with public cloud solutions.  Having an independent storage option that connects to key major public clouds gives you the flexibility to choose the best compute and storage options independently and the agility to move between public cloud vendors – as needed.
  • Effortless Tier 1 Storage Features – You should never give up Tier 1 features when moving to the cloud.  With Pure Storage, not only do you retain your enterprise-grade features such as Snapshots, Replication, Local/Remote Mirroring, Metropolitan Failover, Encryption and Containers, but they are simple and effortless to deploy.

And with Pure’s Evergreen Storage Service (ES2), you also benefit from:

  • A Managed, True Storage as-a-Service Solution[1] – Unlike many of the “storage utility” offerings, Pure’s ES2 is designed as an OPEX solution and should not be impacted by U.S. and international accounting regulations coming into effect at the end of 2018.
  • World-Class Pure Storage Flash Performance – Pure Storage set the bar for All-Flash storage performance, and ES2 provides you all of the performance you have come to rely on.
  • Scalable and Elastic Capacity/Performance[2] – ES2 gives you the ability grow (and shrink) your storage resources as your needs change, and you will only be charged for the resources you use.
  • Industry-Leading Evergreen Architecture – Our Evergreen architecture allows us to update the underlying storage resources non-disruptively to enable access to the most advanced architectures available.
  • No-Risk, Short-Term Commitments – With our short-term commitments, you eliminate the risk of locking yourself into long-term purchases.
  • Proven 99.9999% Pure Storage Reliability – Benefit from Pure’s industry-leading Six-Nines of proven FlashArray reliability.

Before you put on your armor and prepare to slay the IT dragons, make sure you have the right weapons of choice.  Make sure you have the choice, flexibility and agility necessary to architect the IT infrastructure that makes you the hero.

Make sure you have “Pure Choice” and use Storage-as-a-Service!

[1] ES2 is designed to adhere to the new IASB regulations.  OPEX treatment is subject to customer’s auditor review.

[2] See the terms relating to Pure’s Evergreen Storage Service for specific details.