Modern healthcare is all about data – from research and development to individual care delivery to population health. To understand the importance and power of data in real time, we need not look further than the emergence of COVID-19. Data is playing a vital role in identifying and sequencing the pathogen, tracking and projecting the arc of global outbreaks, and developing a viable vaccine.

And yet, even in one of the world’s most data-rich industries, a treasure trove of data remains unused and locked in silos with its value far from realized on a day-to-day basis. Healthcare organizations have captured the world’s attention as they work to drive better outcomes, reduce costs, and free clinicians to focus more time on what they do best – delivering care. You told us you were eager for a new experience, and Pure Storage delivers it.

The modern data experience, as Pure envisions it, enables data storage as a service that allows your organization to extract maximum value from its data while reducing complexity and expense. This approach enables you to truly place data at the center of all that you do. This modern data experience comprises four pillars:

1. Fast Matters

Today, your healthcare organization needs to focus on how you can more rapidly, cost-effectively, and securely use and share vital information to improve individual outcomes and overall population health. If you implement a hybrid cloud infrastructure, you’re better positioned to democratize data – unifying and sharing it across applications and organizations for better insight. When you put data at the heart of the infrastructure, it can accelerate clinical applications – allowing clinicians to spend more time with patients, easing user frustration, and improving the overall quality of patient and provider interactions. Pure’s approach to a modern data experience also powers faster data and analytics and AI for hospital operations and decision support. 

2. Cloud Everywhere

Cloud has taken hold in healthcare, and it’s growing rapidly. In fact, the global healthcare cloud computing market will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 22% – growing by US $16.4 billion from 2017 to 2022, according to market research firm Technavio. While it’s promoted as a highway to simpler and more cost-effective IT delivery, cloud is rapidly becoming more complex. Across all industries, the average enterprise environment uses five or six separate cloud environments that can be a combination of private, on-premises and public clouds, according to the Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC). Pure’s modern data experience enables you to realize the full potential of the cloud – simplicity, agility, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. It also effortlessly enables hybrid cloud with flexible architectures that prevent and/or break cloud lock-in. As a result, you can control where you store which data and when, and seamlessly move it as needed. As important, Pure’s solutions deliver rapid restore capabilities that are increasingly essential to healthcare organizations – minimizing downtime and risk to patients and operations.

3. Simple Is Smart

In order to focus on improving the patient experience and protecting healthcare data, your organization needs infrastructure that is easy to set up and smart enough to manage itself. This is an important part of the modern data experience because simple and secure cloud-based management lets your staff shift from managing infrastructure to driving IT that enables clinicians to provide quality care. With this in mind, Pure focuses on getting provider organizations operational immediately, with setup simplicity and time-to-value. Pure also delivers a simple, intuitive management strategy that works for teams on the go, anytime. Healthcare data and analytics never sleep – and neither does Pure. Predictive support enables your organization to find and act on issues before they become outages, while AI-based tools help forecast requirements based on dynamic health needs.

4. Subscription to Innovation

Resources in your healthcare organization have never been stretched thinner, and the need has never been greater. As such, you stay vigilant in your search for IT solutions that can deliver greater value at lower costs. Pure enables your healthcare organization to modernize its storage without downtime – taking advantage of continuous software and hardware innovation and non-disruptive innovation delivery. As important, Pure definitively ends the dreaded three-year storage replacement merry-go-round with our Evergreen model. This approach also delivers the latest innovation without the cost and disruption of a forklift replacement. Finally, we enable you to leverage a unified on-prem and cloud model. You pay only for what you need, when you need it – optimizing value and minimizing capital spend. 

Wherever you are on your journey towards digital transformation, Pure solutions are essential to improving the performance of your EHR systems, accelerating the adoption of machine learning, and driving efficiency across the data center.  Learn more about what the modern data experience can do for you.