Everybody is talking about data, and the promise it holds for increased competitiveness and agility. But we’re willing to bet you’re having a really hard time capturing that potential for a simple reason: legacy vendors are keeping you from going modern because they are mired in legacy architectures, with all their inherent complexity, fragility, and limitations.

Legacy Data Architectures Slow Hybrid Cloud JourneyStorage built on these aging legacy architectures, and hailed by legacy vendors as “future-proof,” is hard enough to keep up and running, let alone facilitate agile data mobility and re-use across a truly hybrid and multi-cloud environment. And so business (and potentially career) opportunities stay locked away in silos. And while progress toward the future happens – legacy vendors, with all their portfolio complexity and cost, continue to slow you down.

Does this frustrating situation sound familiar?

And it’s only getting harder to figure out what to do, especially as the products from legacy vendors keep failing to live up to their promises. Remember in 2013 when Dell EMC (then just EMC) introduced XtremIO and said it would deliver “extreme performance for any workload. With any array utilization. Over any period of time”? We all know how that turned out. And now Dell EMC has announced massive rationalization of its midrange portfolio into a new, unproven midrange platform. All of those earlier platforms were supposed to move you into the future, but they fell short.

And at the high end, in 2014 EMC promised their new VMAX3 would give you the “economics and scale of the cloud.” In our estimation — a perspective shared by many new Pure Storage customers — that didn’t happen either. It’s our perspective that Dell EMC is leading you into a quandary with products that lack a clear roadmap and with more promises that things will improve. Even when Dell EMC’s products are “upgraded” with new technologies like NVMe, they are still trapped under the weight of past architectural decisions.

When we look at the track record for legacy vendors like Dell EMC over the past decade it seems their standard playbook is to create FUD rather than to innovate to help customers. To truly modernize you’ll need truly modern partners squarely focused on meaningful innovation vs. incremental enhancements to the status quo. Partners who can think in terms of radical efficiency, simplicity, and automation across evolving hybrid and multi-cloud environments, so you can free up resources for the strategic projects on your to-do list. We believe you shouldn’t have to accept anything from vendors who can’t meet these requirements.

Big picture, we believe it’s time to do things differently.


We’re proud to say there’s a better way, a truly modern way, and we’ve built our company from the ground up to make it possible.

Pure's Modern Storage Delivers Off-The-Charts Customer Experiences

Since 2012 we’ve been enabling folks like you to quickly get modern – and easily stay modern – for your mission-critical on-premises block, file and object storage needs. We do this with a portfolio powered by our 100 percent non-disruptive architecture; our proactive and predictive support services; and our flexible consumption models: Evergreen™ Storage for CAPEX-oriented buyers, and Evergreen Storage Service (ES2) for pay-per-use, OPEX-oriented buyers.

But that’s just the beginning. Last year, we introduced our approach to help you unify on-premises and cloud environments, with cloud data services such CloudSnap for cloud data protection as well as Cloud Block Store running natively in the public cloud. And then earlier this year, we expanded into the world of backup storage with the introduction of our flash-to-flash-to-cloud approach for modern data protection, built with FlashBlade™.

And today, we’re excited to announce two new capabilities that make it even easier to unify your cloud – let’s dive in.

ES2 Modern Storage for Block, File, Object and Backup This new solution, which complements leading third-party backup products, combines compelling backup performance and storage efficiency with an as-a-service experience for rapid recovery across a customer’s hybrid cloud infrastructure

With Pure, a TB is a TB regardless where it gets used, whether on-premises (powered by FlashArray) or in AWS (powered by Cloud Block Store). Now you can leverage Pure’s best-in-class storage-as-a-service model anywhere, without the need to manage multiple subscriptions or purchase separate or overlapping capacity. And all with a consistent set of data services and APIs, and consistent management and support with Pure1®, our SaaS-based platform for cloud data management and support.

If you’re an existing Evergreen Storage Service customer – congratulations! Your existing contract is now a unified contract! (And if you’re new to Pure, this sort of customer-friendly result is the rule, not the exception you’re probably used to). As soon as our Cloud Block Store becomes generally available you’ll be able to start moving data and applications to AWS, whether using our built-in replication (with ActiveCluster) or our built-in portable snapshots (with Purity CloudSnap™). Put another way, our new unified subscription is like a fast on-ramp to the public cloud.

As you can see, with our expanded Evergreen Storage Service (ES2) we’re truly delivering the cloud consumption experience on-premises. And we’re doing so comprehensively, for all of your data whether block, file, object, or backup, and all with industry leading technology and an off-the-charts customer experience. As a result, you can now dramatically accelerate your journey to a truly unified cloud. We believe this is what modern looks like, and that it sets a new bar in the industry. We’re super excited to bring our customer-first ethos of simplicity, efficiency, and automation to hybrid and multi-cloud environments – and we’re just getting started!


Third, we’re announcing that VM Analytics can now be used inside the VMware Cloud (VMC) in AWS to help you quickly pinpoint and resolve application performance issues.

VM Analytics For Hybrid CloudVM Analytics is our cloud-based, full-stack performance analytics offering. It gives you fast and easy visibility across your virtual disks, VMs, hosts, data stores, volumes, and storage, with a graphical map of the entire infrastructure. Now you can use VM Analytics for your VMware-based applications anywhere, whether in on-premises, hosted, or AWS environments. Even better, VM Analytics is available for no extra cost – it is included in your Evergreen Storage Service subscription. Because VM Analytics works with any storage (but of course it works best with Pure Storage), today we’re also announcing a free trial of VM Analytics so you can try it out for yourself, running on whatever storage you have now.

Check out how Navis is transforming the shipping and transportation industry with the power of Pure Storage solutions. Navis didn’t hesitate to switch to Pure Storage from Dell EMC when they were faced with a large forklift upgrade across storage and VMs. Navis cited the ease of management of Pure products including Pure1 VM Analytics, high reliability, performance, extraordinary support and ability to meet Navis’ global demands as critical factors for choosing Pure.

Wrapping up: if your hybrid and multi-cloud strategy has been stuck in low gear; if your current storage vendors “just can’t get there from here”; and if you want to see what truly modern feels like – we’re ready to help.

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Modern Storage Across On-Premises, Hosted, and Public Clouds

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