In an age when ransomware attacks are common occurrences, simply having your systems, applications, and data backed up is not enough to ensure your organization is able to recover from a disaster.

Legacy data protection solutions found in the market today were designed with yesteryear’s technology and are focused largely on backups versus recovery. As a result, they aren’t able to recover as fast as needed. Organizations that are data dependent can’t afford to wait days or weeks for recoveries.

In addition, attempting to secure these archaic backup solutions against cyberattacks, including ransomware, often requires adding more and more infrastructure which can be highly duplicative in nature. This also adds management complexity and frequently doesn’t solve challenges around rapid recovery—a must in today’s environment. Remember, after an outage, every minute counts…

IT managers across the globe—in every sector and every size organization—have been looking for easy-to-operate solutions that can secure and back up their data, protect it from ransomware destruction, and give them the faster recovery times their organizations require.

Introducing our latest solution, Pure Storage® FlashRecover//S, Powered by Cohesity®.

Jointly architectured by two of the industry’s most trusted companies, FlashRecover//S is designed specifically to deliver a powerful yet easy-to-use solution with multiple levels of built-in ransomware protection that can provide petabyte-scale recovery of data in just hours.  

FlashRecover//S includes both Pure Storage SafeMode™ Snapshots and Cohesity DataLock technology—built-in, with no additional software or hardware needed. 

Pure SafeMode is a built-in feature of the Purity Operating Environment that prevents data from being manually deleted before the policy/timer expires, allowing you to recover quickly in the event of a mistake or malicious activity. Similarly, Cohesity’s DataLock is a time-bound, WORM lock on the immutable backup snapshot to prevent expiration or deletion.

Having a multi-layered approach gives you a locally protected, isolated copy of data, and the ability to roll a single backup or an entire cluster back to a known good state.

FlashRecover//S utilizes Pure’s new all-flash FlashBlade//S storage platform, tightly integrated with award-winning Cohesity DataProtect software.

FlashRecover//S offers more density, performance, and capacity—packing up to 2PB of all-flash storage in a 5U chassis. FlashRecover//S is unmatched in its power savings, space reduction, and cooling efficiency to meet the most stringent ESG requirements.

Cohesity DataProtect is a high-performance, software-defined backup and recovery solution designed for the cloud era. With unique hyperscale capabilities, it offers comprehensive policy-based protection for both traditional and modern data sources.  DataProtect converges multiple point products into a single software offering.

FlashBlade//S and DataProtect are tightly integrated to create FlashRecover//S, Powered by Cohesity.

Available worldwide, FlashRecover//S can be purchased through select reseller partners.