Imagine a world with cloud-like, self-service simplicity, where all of the complex storage management operations necessary to make this possible are automated through software. And where it comes with almost limitless scale and the ability to adjust to meet your business’s data management needs over time. Today, we’re excited to announce our next big leap forward in storage management. Pure Fusion™ is an industry-first, self-service, autonomous storage-as-code ™ platform that marries the best of enterprise storage with the agility and scalability of the cloud.

Pure Fusion delivers a new, nearly infinite scale-out storage model that unifies arrays and optimizes storage pools on the fly. It brings the simplicity of the cloud operating model anywhere with on-demand consumption and back-end provisioning.

Figure 1: Pure Fusion architecture.

Pure Fusion delivers a SaaS management plane that pools storage arrays into availability zones and automates previously complex tasks, such as workload placement, workload mobility, and fleet rebalancing. It also includes a new API framework that enables storage teams and end users to operate in an on-demand, storage-as-code model that integrates with the developer tools they use today. It enables rapid consumption of volumes, file systems, and advanced data services like replication, without end users having to wait for back-end manual work. Pure Fusion will allow organizations to scale seamlessly, integrating first with FlashArray//X, FlashArray//C, and Pure Cloud Block Store, with future integrations planned with FlashBlade and Portworx. Pure Fusion, coupled with the powerful Pure portfolio will take performance, density, and data availability to new levels.

Pure Fusion transforms the storage experience forever by delivering agility, scale, and as-a-service simplicity to your business.

Check out the latest Pure Fusion lightboard video, featuring Larry Touchette , the director of product management for Fusion. In the video, he outlines how Pure Fusion solves some of the critical challenges facing enterprise storage today. He also does a deep dive into key features and benefits, including:

  • Near infinite scale-out
  • Cloud-like self-service
  • Intelligent workload management
  • Seamless automation through storage-as-code
  • Proven reliability

Near Infinite Scale-out

Pure Fusion provides the best benefits of scale-out architectures without some of the drawbacks. Cloud-like availability zones act as scale-out clusters that let you scale the storage pool nearly limitlessly using different models of arrays, capacity footprints, and media types.

Cloud-Like Self-Service

Users no longer need to wait for you to provision storage resources. On-demand, self-service orchestration allows them to provision their own resources, and Pure Fusion automatically determines where to place new workloads.

Intelligent Workload Management

Easily manage the dynamic and unpredictable nature of workloads in a self-service environment by nondisruptively moving workloads between arrays on the back end. Pure Fusion determines how to best optimize and rebalance workloads in the environment.

storage-as-codeSeamless Automation Through Our Storage-as-Code ™ model

Integrate Pure Fusion availability zones and automated provisioning into broader data center automation frameworks and behind in-house custom self-service portals with tools, including Terraform and Ansible, using Fusion’s powerful cloud-like, API-first interface. The Fusion API is an asynchronous, operational API designed from the ground up to be used in scaled production and high throughput environments.


Storage-as-Code™ Proven Reliability

Backed by Pure FlashArray, Fusion availability zones have established real-world availability for critical workloads. With Evergreen Storage™, you can scale back-end storage resources up or down on the fly.

Join Us for our Fusion Technical Deep Dive on December 8

At our special event, Pure//Launch: Your Power, Your Cloud, on December 8, we’ll dive deeper into the technical architecture of Fusion and use cases. We’ll also provide real-world demonstrations. Hear from industry experts and don’t miss a live Q&A with the engineers who developed this world-first solution. In the meantime, check out the Pure Fusion website for more resources and demonstrations. Pure Fusion will be in preview by the end of this year, with general availability to come in the first half of 2022. See you (virtually) at our Pure//Launch:Your Power, Your Cloud event!