The FlashArray//m is coming, and today we are announcing supporting business model innovations aimed at making the transition to FlashArray//m for new and existing customers fair and frictionless, so that everyone can take advantage of business and IT transformation in 3U. We hope every customer urges their vendors to operate this way!

Upgrade Assurance

For previously-purchased FlashArrays, we are introducing Upgrade Flex Bundles: Customers who purchase qualifying capacity can receive full list price trade-in credit towards upgraded FA-400 or FlashArray//m controllers.

For new FlashArray purchases, we are introducing Upgrade Assurance: Customers who purchase a FA-400 on or after February 1, 2015 can receive a free FlashArray//m upgrade with their next qualifying capacity expansion.

Sound good? It gets even better – read on for more details.


From the FA-400 to the FlashArray//m – Seamlessly

EvergreenStorageLogoThe FlashArray//m provides our current and prospective customers with access to our innovations across dimensions of scale, density, performance and simplicity. Unlike the Big Storage model where customers are required to undergo a forklift upgrade in order to take advantage of next-generation capabilities, all of our offerings are built using our Evergreen Storage model. You can read more about this unique business model innovation here – we call it “Forever Flash.” This means our offerings are easy to deploy, maintain and upgrade – in other words, no technical friction. They are also paired with an innovative business model to address business friction.

The Evergreen Storage model ensures that every one of our customers’ FlashArrays will eventually be eligible to receive FlashArray//m controllers as part of their regular maintenance and support payments. Forever Flash eliminates business friction for customers stuck on a multi-year forklift upgrade cycle.

FlashArray//m offers a value proposition above and beyond the current FA-400 generation, and we expect that many existing FlashArray owners will want to upgrade to it faster than Forever Flash provides. We also expect that some prospective FlashArray buyers might wonder if they should purchase an FA-400 series array now or wait for FlashArray//m. No surprise, we have great news for both groups.

Introducing Upgrade Flex Bundles: Investment Protection As You Grow

Tier 1 data typically grows by more than 20% a year – meaning that our customers will typically be looking to add more capacity every year. Adding additional capacity to a Pure Storage array is easy and non-disruptive – but at some point the installed controllers max out and more powerful controllers are required to support continued capacity expansion.

UpgradeFlexOur Upgrade Flex bundles significantly reduce business friction related to FlashArray//m controller upgrades for previously-purchased FlashArrays. How? By allowing you to trade-in your existing controllers and receive full list price credit towards new FlashArray//m controllers when you purchase a qualifying capacity expansion. Yes, you read that correctly – full list price credit. This trade-in credit is reflected in the pricing of our Upgrade Flex bundles. Our Upgrade Flex bundles are available to help you upgrade between the FlashArray//m controllers, and also to upgrade from our FA-400 series arrays to the FlashArray//m.

Our Upgrade Flex bundles mean your investment in previously purchased FA-400 or FlashArray//m controllers is fully protected. It also means you get to flexibly purchase and upgrade whenever it best suits you without having to buy more powerful controllers than you need up-front. This is a perfect example of what we mean by the Evergreen Storage model – you only pay for what you need, and you don’t re-purchase your equipment over and over. And don’t worry – Upgrade Flex bundles will not impact the timeframe of your eligibility for controllers included as part of Forever Flash. When we say “no gotchas”, we mean it.

Introducing Upgrade Assurance: Accelerated FlashArray//m Upgrades

For prospective FlashArray buyers, we are also announcing two promotions geared to reduce business friction around upgrades to the FlashArray//m.





assurance Capacity Plus


As with our Upgrade Flex bundles, neither of these promotions impact the timeframe of your eligibility for included controllers as part of Forever Flash.

You can find detailed terms and conditions here.

Evergreen Storage for Everyone

Evergreen StorageBy pairing our Evergreen Storage model with our new Upgrade Flex bundles and Upgrade Assurance promotions we believe we have delivered a uniquely fair and frictionless next-generation product transition experience. In practical terms this means you can purchase an FA-400 array today, knowing you will be able to easily, cost-effectively, and non-disruptively upgrade to FlashArray//m in the near future.

More importantly, by purchasing and deploying any FA-400 FlashArray today, you can begin immediately to reduce the time and expense spent “keeping the lights on” and instead begin transferring that budget to focus on what really matters – transforming your IT, and your business. Finally – storage you can love!

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Upgrade Flex bundles are subject to modification or discontinuation.